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Fan-made PlayStation 4 logo is much better than the original

There's something "off" about the new PlayStation 4 logo, and a fan-made version offers a much better alternative. (PS4)

GalacticEmpire  +   344d ago
I really like the bottom one.


There's probably a chance the official logo could change before release, although I still don't see a problem with the one they have.
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bangshi  +   343d ago
Doubt it. I mean that logo is plastered all over marketing material for games announced, Watch Dogs etc.

On this guy's logo concepts, the 'open' style makes it look like 'psy' not PS4.

Angled is better.
Conzul  +   343d ago
Yeah. The "4" could be a little thicker, but I kinda like the angle and the way it goes with the "s"
metsgaming  +   343d ago
To me it looks like the fan version looks a bit to close to a u, making it the PlayStation u lol
killcycle  +   343d ago
look at this comment section..
It's just a logo. Who cares just as long as they didn't make it pink pop font or something crazy then it don't matter!
Highlife  +   343d ago
Well if they don't fix their logo I will never buy a PlayStation again :-\
HammadTheBeast  +   343d ago
JKelloggs  +   343d ago
No doubt Sony will bring out a slimmer PS4, then change the logo like they did with the PSone and PS3

But still, I don't mind the PS4 logo
RyuCloudStrife  +   343d ago
I agree bottom one is best
SynGamer  +   344d ago
I actually like the official logo compared to these other designs...
_LarZen_  +   343d ago
thechosenone  +   344d ago
I like feng shui-ness of the last one. The lines flow so nicely.
Arai  +   343d ago
Image 4 and 6 does look better, but whatever.
More interested in the stuff under the hood than the imprint.

All in my opinion of course as taste differs.
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overlordror  +   343d ago
I like the fan logo, Sony should consider using it.
Tultras  +   343d ago
Am I the only one here who thinks that IT DOESN'T MATTER?

No? okay, im'a head back.
araman  +   343d ago
The last one is best. The two before that look like "PSY" and that just won't work, especially with the musician of the same name being popular right now.
ChiTownDoc  +   343d ago
The 4 is closed because the "closed" the gap between Sony's vision and what developers wanted from the system :p
mastemikegee  +   343d ago
It's just a coincidence that it's closed! Could they have made a closed '2' or '3'? What about a '5'? Even '6' will have to be closed.
Monkeysmarts  +   343d ago
Slow day for new stuff eh...
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KillrateOmega  +   343d ago
I do have to admit, the fan-made versions DO look better.
Megatron316  +   343d ago
all sony have to do is cut the line on the 4 which causes it to close, would look alot better
C0MPUT3R  +   343d ago
Official Logo 4 Life.
Polva  +   343d ago
The last one is pretty nice, but the official logo looks fine to me.
DigitalRaptor  +   343d ago
I always thought the newest logo looked a bit weird ever since the February reveal, but I play for the games not the logo.

These ones do look better than the official one, although the official one is probably the one we're going to get so we should #dealwithit ;)
J0Scorpionake  +   343d ago
The fan made is better looking in my opinion.
insertnamehurr  +   343d ago
Lol, nothing better than coloured PS1 logo :P
Game0N  +   343d ago
first the slogan now the logo...jesus can all these nitpickers just go away!
SpinalRemains  +   343d ago
While I find nitpicking the logo to be even worse than nitpicking the slogan, I can actually defend SONY'S logo.

In fairness, SONY did take a new angle toward the console's development. ;-)
despair  +   343d ago
I do prefer the fan made ones but not really an important issue is it?
illtornworld  +   341d ago
Honestly the bottom dsign fits the playstation move style, xD i like all of em the guy is gifted, and he shows passion in gaming I wonder why didnt Sony ask for our imputs? we the ones whos buying it lol

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