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5 Ways Microsoft Could Screw Up The Xbox Reveal

GR: On May 21st Microsoft will finally pull back the curtain on its plans for the next generation of gaming with the reveal of its successor to the Xbox 360. Up until now we've heard all sorts of rumors, some of which have been positive, while an alarming amount have been negative. Sony came out swinging in February with a PlayStation 4 reveal that knocked just about everyone's socks off. Will Microsoft's showing be able to compete? Here are a few ways in which Microsoft could really screw the pooch. (Xbox One)

GalacticEmpire  +   725d ago
"2. Don't Focus on the Gamer

The one thing that Sony absolutely nailed at their PlayStation 4 reveal was their messaging that the PS4 is all about the gamer"

This point about focus is what I'm most concerned about at the Xbox reveal. First impressions are vitally important and if MS want to sell their console as an entertainment device rather than a game device they will HAVE to show a lot of non-gaming material.

It will be incredibly difficult to both sell the box as an entertainment centre without taking focus away from the gaming aspect. MS want both sets of customers but it's more likely that they will have to choose, we find out which they chose on May 21st.
alexcosborn  +   725d ago
Great point.

The question is whether or not they will end up spreading themselves too thin.
abzdine  +   725d ago
for me is lack of focus on gamers and go too far in their social and TV services i dont give a damn about.
Also, i want live demos of whatever they're gonna show.
HammadTheBeast  +   725d ago
If they try to compete with Apple or Google as well as Sony and Nintendo, then they will mess up.
MikeMyers  +   725d ago
5. Major Nelson kind of mocked Sony for not showing it so they pretty much have to.

4. That would be pretty sad if they only showed one game. I think we will see a few but not many. They'll save them for E3.

3. They should show the new Kinect if there is one and real world experiences, not tech demos. If they can prove this time it's cool then people will soon forget about how bad the first Kinect was for real games. Most see it as a gimmick and I tend to agree but if they can show it's actually more fun then I'm open for being proved wrong.

2. They need to show the Xbox is still at its heart a game console. They are all adding more functions and media/social services to their devices but Microsoft needs to keep reassure gamers they are committed to games.

1. This is a tough one. Always-on isn't the problem, it's the always-on DRM that people are worried about. If it blocks used games and requires an online connection to work it will fail. If it makes things run better with it being connected no problem. They will likely do what Sony is doing, leaving it up to the publisher.
DOMination-  +   724d ago
According to Gametrailers its only an hour long. I expect them to show the console and its features but that doesn't leave much time for games.
MikeMyers  +   724d ago
It's close to E3 so I expect at least a few games but not too many. They will save most of it for E3. We'll probably get to see the system and they will talk about some of the features. They may also at that time unveil some of their partnerships. I'm expecting a demo of Battlefield 4 and some sort of exclusive deal. I don't expect new ip's at this event but rather at E3.

Hopefully they don't waste much time and have a steady flow of information. Just remember, the PS4 unveiling and this Xbox event are uncharacteristic for them. We haven't seen these type of early announcements before. E3 will still be the main event.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   724d ago
I'm expecting some sort of halo 5 teaser if they have one and a full reveal at e3
Godmars290  +   724d ago
- Major Nelson may have painted them into a corner. Not they they couldn't change the design.

- Thing about game presentation, they could show anything. Just show a CG trailer and many will eat it up. There were too many instances this gen of games being shown too early and suffering for it.

- They need to show Kinect 2.0 and it needs to work. No bottom of a shoe incidents. Not that they can't simply stage things like they did with Milo and Star Wars.

_ To "prove" that Xbox3 is still a game console all they have to show are games.
edonus  +   725d ago
This whole focus on gamer stuff is so stupid. It is gaming machine, The XBOX was a gaming machine The 360 was a gaming machine. It is only a testament to the craziness of people to think that somehow the nextbox will be any bit less of gaming machine. It doesnt matter how much other stuff they add and promote when all is said and done it will play 90+% of all the games there closest rival plays and will have exclusive games and content that sets it apart from them.

Just the fact that it is a gaming machine is focus enough on the gamer. Do we really need the gaming machine constantly telling us its a gaming machine. Like when I buy a new car with the functions of a tablet built into the dashboard do I really need to be reminded that it is a car and not a 2 ton Ipad on 4 wheels.

These gaming machines do so much it is hard trying to find the space to demonstrate and explain to public what they do. I feel that was a problem the consoles really had this gen especially the Ps3. Its hard to explain in a 30 second commercial how advanced your product is and they dont have events like this all the time so I would be much more interested in knowing how it will connect and function with my cablebox than play games, I know it will play games I but I dont know how it will make the rest of my life easier (if it can).
GalacticEmpire  +   725d ago
Microsoft have always stated that, from the very beginning, Xbox was always a 'trojan horse' designed to get their brand of box in the living room so they can strictly control and profit from the content people use.

If there's more profit in chasing casual gamers and butting into the pay-per-view TV market you can bet your life MS will focus on those things much more than gaming. As much as you choose to deny it, focus is important and if a company is not focused on the things you want and another company is, which do you think you should be investing your time and money into?
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Jek_Porkins  +   725d ago
You hit the nail on the head, that is exactly what I've been saying! The next Xbox and PlayStation are going to play 90+% of the same exact games! So how in the world would there be less focus on games?

People act as if by advertising a product that can do more than game is blasphemy, and its not, it's pure genius, it'll attract all different types of gamer's and that is important. I've never met a gamer who didn't like options, when I was gaming in the 90's my consoles were only used to game about 15 hours a week, now my consoles are on like 24/7, I feel like I'm getting so much more value.

It's not like Microsoft is going to all of a sudden close up 20 first party studios and not make games, stop third parties from making games for the console and focus on something else entirely.

Microsoft is worth a lot of money, they know what makes money, they know casuals will spend money, but aren't repeat buyers and don't buy a lot of games, core gamer's buy consoles and games at launch, which is why we'll see a ton of games at E3.
McScroggz  +   725d ago
The focus on being an all-encompassing entertainment box means by default Microsoft doesn't put the same emphasis on creating the best gaming experiences possible - just compare exclusives. But even past that the more add-ons, peripherals and secondary tasks the machine has the less output there is for when you want to play a game.

There are multiple reasons why a console, with optimized hardware and software, performs better than a PC with the same specs. One of those reasons is because a computer's OS is built to handle many different functions and always has several going at once, whereas a console is streamlined to focus most of it's resources towards playing a game.

No matter how you slice it, Microsoft simply can't produce the best games AND satisfactory entertainment options. The NextBox may be good at both, but when we judge a console based on games it's hard to see how Microsoft can compete when they are seemingly spreading themselves so thin.

Personally, when I buy a console I want it to do one thing more than anything else: play the best games.
Sy_Wolf  +   724d ago
Yes I would like my game machine to remind me it's a game machine with lots of good games coming out on it. I don't want my game machine to be covered in adds and remind me I can order pizza on it, better with kinect. The 360 started as a game machine but that's hardly it's focus now and the worry is Microsoft will only make that problem worse next gen.
loulou  +   724d ago
after some more bubbles galactic? plus m$ never said it was a trojan horse for the reasons you stated. they launched xbox to stop the spread of linux to the living room.

anyway, it doesn't matter how many times anyone correctly states that 90% of all the games that will be on the ps4 will be on the nextbox. or how obvious it is that nextbox is a games console with other features.

n4g will still not have it. there really is no point on posting anything on this web-site if it is not pro-sony.

95% of the people on here dont want to know about it, and they dont want to hear it
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SDF Repellent  +   724d ago
Why the Sony faithfuls keep trying to remind us that a MS console is not a game machine when in fact it has like every games that the PS and PC has? The tired excuse that MS has lost its focus on gaming and concentrating on other aspect of usage on its hardware can be said about the PCs and the PS3 for years too. Remember, the PS3 has a freaking web browser, a Second life ripped-off in the HOME and sneakingly trying to sell the PS3 off as an all-be-it entertainment device for some time now. Remember the "It only does everything" ad campaign? Now when you look at the PS4 and the New Xbox, they are pratically the same system that will offered the same type of service like gaming, Blu-Ray movies, Netflix, music, media streamer, Eyetoy/Move/Kinect. So what if Sony has an extra couple of exclusives per year when most of them are either not that exciting like LBP Kart or Starhawk from 2012 or only crater to the Japanese market in which 99.9% of us Western folks just can't play or care about.

Seriously look at Nintendo and Sega, one company that might be on its way out of the console business and the later had already been there for a long time now because limiting yourself to only one aspect of it core function, it this case, gaming, can only take you beyond the hardcore support for only so long.

Sony supporters on this board are just like recycle cans, keep repeating the same old propaganda all the time. LOL
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kenshiro100  +   724d ago
But a console plays games...
extermin8or  +   724d ago
Thing is actually number 2 isn't important to me at this point perse-obv I want them to focus on the gamer- but even if they do looking at the xbox 360- I'm not sure if i'd trust them anyway not for which console to buy 1st- buying one on release and the other a few years down the line after a price drop is something I'll consider if the other has the exclusives worth buying it then, I am pretty much guaranteed Sony will have exclusives worth owning the console for- but how do I know this isn't a charade by MS to get early adopters through the door then come 2 years time, the focus shifts completely... :s
Godmars290  +   724d ago
"It will be incredibly difficult to both sell the box as an entertainment centre without taking focus away from the gaming aspect."

And yet Sony's managed to present the PS3's media features while focusing on games.

One thing I'd like to know: given how Netflix is most most used on PS3, how are the other apps like Hulu and Crunchyroll doing. Knowing those numbers would go a long on saying whether or not MS is only spinning their wheels. That they should just sacrifice that aspect of XBL to make Xbox3 more popular.
dbjj12088  +   725d ago
#6 - Show Up

Microsoft will likely screw themselves on this one. The PS4 has already won next-gen if you would believe N4G headlines in the past few weeks.
alexcosborn  +   725d ago
The PlayStation faithful are certainly a loyal (and vocal) bunch! :)
-Falaut-  +   725d ago
Congratulations. You can remove "PlayStation" and replace it with lets say "Xbox", and it would hold true. Welcome to the wonderful world of generalizations.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   724d ago
I agree

And Why are people here afraid that the new Xbox won't play games? WTF are people taking about seriously?

N4G's on drugs...
aviator189  +   725d ago
It'd be pretty hilarious if they were demoing the system and -boom-, some sort of red ring or error message popped up.
dbjj12088  +   725d ago
Like when Peter Moore was playing Rock Band?
alexcosborn  +   725d ago
Or when the controller died during the Modern Warfare 2 stage demo?
majiebeast  +   725d ago
Like when Robbie Bach couldnt get the OG Xbox to work on stage so they had to get a new one or bam avatars shoe.
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TechnicianTed  +   725d ago
Sony had a great E3 in 2006 though.


'Microsoft has had bad E3's since 2009.'

That's true, but E3 2006 was the most memorable in peoples eyes. That was a classic. It certainly makes for funny viewing.
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majiebeast  +   725d ago
Microsoft has had bad E3's since 2009.
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FamilyGuy  +   725d ago
This is what I was looking for in this article.
If they have any major technical difficulties then they're screwed.
Jek_Porkins  +   725d ago
Maybe they'll demo everything on high end PC like Sony did at the PS4 reveal? Then they wouldn't need to worry about it.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   725d ago
If there is more then 15 minutes of kinect in any way.IE- kid actors, dancers, washed up celebrities or any combination of those three - then i'm out MS.
YodaCracker  +   725d ago
You were never in to begin with.
hellvaguy  +   725d ago
You cant point out the obvious or stealth sony zealots or u gunna lose that 1 bubble. This site is ran by KGB sony zealots that will assassinate your bubbles at will.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   725d ago
Don't be so dramatic.

I was a PC gamer first then PS1, then xbox, and just recently PS3.If they want to get me back they better focus on games, and i mean good, AAA games.Lots of em.

Tired of their nonsense and their delusional fans who put up with it and stick up for it.
Tultras  +   724d ago
So.. you didn't have a Ps2.

You have not lived, my friend.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   724d ago
I know.I missed a lot.Been catching up on all those HD remakes lately tho.Xbox just had me hooked with Kotor, Jade empire and almost entirely hooked on Battlefield: Modern combat which was console exclusive and not on PC, sadly.

XBL was also miles ahead of whatever Sony was doing with PS2 at the time.
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DigitalRaptor  +   724d ago
I like how quick people are to call out other as fanboys. When you reveal your true history and experience with gaming, it's not hard to see that a gamer is anyone with past experience on several gaming platforms.

I currently support Sony and PC gaming and have gamed many other devices, but am skeptical of Microsoft because of their treatment of consumers in a number of ways THIS GEN and their recent direction in the console space. You've got to be true to yourself even if people are trying to call you out as a fanboy.

I also missed out on some PS2 games that are now in HD on PS3, but appreciate the fact that they're coming out again. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, yeah!! AND looking forward to seeing what MS has up its sleeve for 2013 & beyond. They've got to drop that online play charge though.
#4.2.1 (Edited 724d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
Majin-vegeta  +   725d ago
Oh boy....


-"Greatness Awaits"-
MonkeyNinja  +   725d ago
That was EPIC.
fsfsxii  +   724d ago
Lots of butthurt fanboys in the comment section of the video
TheColbertinator  +   725d ago
BAM! And there it is.
stage88  +   725d ago
Showing Kinect 2 and trying to say its for the hardcore gamer as well.
Jek_Porkins  +   725d ago
The only way I would be disappointed would be if they didn't show the next Xbox, I want to see it, I know they'll have games to show off at E3, but there is absolutely no reason not to show the box itself off.
colonel179  +   724d ago
Why is everyone giving so much importance to the box itself? I prefer to know the specs than how it looks. Just see what Nintendo did, they showed the console but never talked about the specs, the most important aspect.

If Sony had shown the box, but hadn't commented on the specs, we would have thousand of hate articles about how Sony is doomed! The same would go for MS if they don't.

Specs are much more important! Whatever the box looks, if the specs and the games are great, people will buy it. Even if it's a cereal box.

Actually, for me the controller is much more important, since that's how I get to play the games. In PS4's case, I worried that they would do something completely different, which I am glad they didn't. Same goes for the Xbox.
Jek_Porkins  +   724d ago
You are saying that because of the way Sony handled their show, the console itself is important, we never saw what the Wii U actually looked like, they never focused on it, and while I like the console, the looks are pretty soulless.

I want to see the box, the specs, everything. It shouldn't be one or the other, not saying Sony's show was wrong, but so close to E3, Microsoft needs to show me the box to impress me.
Imalwaysright  +   724d ago
Personally, I dont want to see a piece of plastic and I dont care much about specs. I want new Ips. Good singleplayer IPs because that is the only way for them to get my money as I refuse to pay even a dime for Live.
Williamson  +   725d ago
My first xbox got the rrod in 2007 3 months after purchase, and I got it again last week -_-. Going to buy a slim version I guess.
Max-Zorin  +   725d ago
Y'all argue too much. If N4G was a reality show, it would be several fights every episode.
#10 (Edited 725d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
tweet75  +   725d ago
if its anything like the 360 reveal

if the system is always online even for single player im out

if you cant play the xbox live games I already own on the next xbox at no extra cost im out
Plagasx  +   725d ago
I actually want them to announce the console will be "Always Online" just so I can see the crowd shit on them.
#12 (Edited 725d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Funky Town_TX  +   724d ago
haters gonna hate
Thats what they do. If yoy hate MS, then there is nothing they can do to please you. Stop wasting your time reading about Nextbox.
Hicken  +   724d ago
I know it's a difficult concept for you to grab, but MAYBE people hate MS for the things they complain about, and MAYBE they wouldn't hate them if they changed some of those things.

MAYBE they read about Nextbox in hopes that there are enough people who have problems with the same things that MAYBE MS might change them.

I mean, who really WANTS to pay to play online?
Urusernamesucks  +   724d ago
I don't need to read this crap, i can Already guess what they are. Pretty idiotic
urwifeminder  +   724d ago
Writing sony on the side of it would truly wreck it for me.
MasterCornholio  +   724d ago
Well if they spend more than 15 minutes with Kinect in a 1 hour long event than the XBOX brand is dead to me.
esemce  +   724d ago
I want MS to actually blow me away but, I'm fully expecting disappointment they have let us core gamers down now for years just like Nintendo.

Glad I also have a PS3 and PC.
#17 (Edited 724d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Psychotica  +   724d ago
#6 - Not indicating that the hardware is on par with the PS4.

If it proves to be significantly less or under powered like the Wii U then they are screwed..
jcnba28  +   724d ago
The haters are very active in this comment section lol
dollison27  +   724d ago
Oh another day another "5 ways" article just what I was looking forward to...
Mathew9R   724d ago | Spam
HonestDragon  +   724d ago
With all of the speculation with Microsoft, I admit that they had better answer some questions regarding the rumors. As for this list, I agree with number three and two in particular.

3. Spend Too Long on Kinect: "Reports suggest that not only will a new version of the Kinect be bundled with every console, but also that the peripheral must be hooked up to run the new gaming machine."

This took me by surprise. I haven't heard of that rumor out of everything else. It would be a terrible idea if Kinect was mandatory with the next Xbox. I can guarantee that not everyone is going to forget the dismal performance Kinect had in the previous years. For Microsoft to focus too much on the Kinect at this point, when gamers really want to see the console and games, would be a huge mistake.

2. Don't Focus on the Gamer: "Instead they'll likely spend the bulk of their time explaining how and why the new Xbox will be the ultimate media box that can do everything. We'll hear about Xbox TV, the "future of entertainment," and a whole bunch of Kinect nonsense that appeals to virtually none of the hardcore gaming audience."

You know, Microsoft is really pushing this idea along like cattle across a river. Slowly, but surely is the idea of passing this idea through. The problem, though, is that gamers don't want to hear about this. Being able to play CDs, movies, Netflix, and Hulu on a console? Those are mere bonuses. Icing on the cake, if you will. To focus on television, apps, or any other online features no one cares about, they will be causing everyone to tune out as soon at they mention the next Xbox being the "only media box you need".
KrisButtar  +   724d ago
The controller is what I'm waiting to see on May 21, I know its going to play most of the same games as Sonys machine but I wanna that they haven't changed it or changed it much and I don't want to see a kinect focus event either.
Morgue  +   724d ago
I feel like the new Xbox will be 100 stories tall and filled with mass super computers but will fail because no one is renting the space at the rate theses opinion articles are being wrote. Maybe I'll stay off N4G the next 9 days until WE all KNOW whats ACTUALLY being released.
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