Runescape is Cool Again?

Runescape has been getting a lot of media attention recently. But this blast from the past isn't getting made fun of for it's poor storyline and outdated graphics... It's about Runescape 3, and it actually looks really cool.

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xamtheking1681d ago

One does not simply
Get rid of Runescape

aviator1891681d ago

I started playing back in like middle school and got really into it. My eyes suffered, then gave up on the game during college.
Maybe I should jump back in again.

xPhearR3dx1681d ago

Same, I played so much while in middle school along with all my class mates, that they banned it from the school lol I had such a great time. I always wanted to dive back in, but there's so many games today compared to back then that it's a lot harder to stay dedicated to one.

PurpHerbison1681d ago

Same here. Middle school as well back in 01-03 then I quit when RS2 came out.

travisefreese1681d ago

A blast from the past is right!