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OPM: "Metro Last Light is one of the more orignal and ecovative shooters on PS3 and a hair's breadth from being a grimmer infinite."

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Kingthrash3601957d ago

I want this but still have to beat the first one.

Walker1957d ago

The first one was terrible ! I hope this one be better !

matrixman921957d ago

the first one is one of the most underrated games this gen to me. That was top quality for an fps

coolbeans1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I wouldn't go that far. It was certainly a case of being a terribly unoptimized shooter that had broken concepts (****ing stealth) but deserves a bit of credit for breaking new ground in the "survival FPS" subgenre.

SatanSki1957d ago

I saw several gameplay movies of both, first one and the latest and to me they look pretty medicore.

RIP_Cell1956d ago

it's terrible to you because it's not on PS3

dannylilley1956d ago

Yeah good point because this isn't a review from a PLAYSTATION magazine you retard!

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skyrim1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I enjoyed the first one it's good to see this one getting great reviews so far.

aawells071957d ago

This is such great news. I'm looking forward to diving into this. Prordered on PC.

Salooh1957d ago

All support it especially on ps3 so they make ps4 games too. They deserve it :)

omi25p1957d ago

Why not support it on all platforms rather than one, Silly Fanboy

Salooh1957d ago

I meant ps3 owners. If i had a pc i would play it on pc because it's better in there. I don't say anything as a fanboy. This is their first game on playstation so not a lot know them. i'm just saying support it because they make good games..

English isn't my first language so sometimes i say things but not in clear way so i hope you guys don't take it seriously and try to get the point when i do mistakes..

ZombieNinjaPanda1957d ago

Rather not support companies who have business practices such as selling a difficulty setting for 5 dollars.

AusRogo1957d ago

Support the developer by buying the game man. Just don't buy the difficulty. I can actually see it being unlocked for free later down the track anyway.

ZombieNinjaPanda1956d ago

No. They're shipping a game that isn't complete. I'm not purchasing a non-complete game.

fsfsxii1957d ago

Supporting companies that lock a difficulty setting for 5 dollars would help the industry so much

FunkMacNasty1956d ago

^^^^ How bout just buy a game because you want to play it... not to support anyone or anything else other than your own entertainment and recreation. And if gamers wanna get all high and mighty about prentending to boycott every company that "unfairly" sells DLC or online passes, etc, then go ahead and try to stick to your guns... before you know it you wont be able to play anything but half-assed indie games.

On topic: I defintiely thought MEtro 2033 was a very underrated game.. Andwhere that game got 6 and 7's in review scores, with Last Light getting 8's and 9's I just cant imagine how awesome it must be!

Kran1957d ago

I'm currently replaying Metro 2033. I loved it when I first played it.

Playing it a second time, you do spot it's flaws. But they don't ruin the game :)

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The story is too old to be commented.