Five Games That Should Get Standalone Releases

Paul from Denkiphile: "With the popularity of Far Cry 3’s retro-futuristic stand-alone expansion, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, it’s got us thinking about which other popular games we’d like to see get the same treatment. Red Dead Redemption did it with its Undead Nightmare expansion, years before the recent trend with both Blood Dragon and Strike Suit Infinity. What follows are five games we think could potentially have interesting stand-alone additions."

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Wni01777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

OK - STOP. Why on earth has no website made any mention of Far Cry 3s multiplayer? ITS STILL BROKEN.

It hasn't been patched in 3 months, and there has been no response from Ubisoft on their forums.

ironfist921777d ago

Didnt even know the game had MP.

I thought the campaign was the main focus of the content

DEATHxTHExKIDx1777d ago

id be down for more Bishock infinite and DmC.

HammadTheBeast1777d ago

Blood Dragon should stay where it is, it's DLC done very well, but nothing more, the humor would get old if it was much longer, and it would get into milking territory.

ironfist921777d ago

You've got a good point there.