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Pokemon X & Y: New female protagonist’s 2D illustration unveiled, protagonists’ looks customizable


Meet the new female protagonist of Nintendo’s upcoming Pokemon X and Y 3DS games.

Well, okay, that’s not exactly accurate – most of you have already seen the female protagonist before. As a super-deformed 3D character model in the debut trailer Nintendo put out, that is.

The magazine scan also reveals that for the first time in Pokemon game history, you will be able to customise the look of the protagonist slightly, confirmation speculations by fans who thought that the designs this time around looked a little generic. (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

Lockon  +   630d ago
Shes hot.
Blastoise  +   630d ago
I like this dude!

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Swiggins  +   630d ago
I have a feeling that little guy is gonna evolve into something badass!
ChronicMW  +   630d ago
A female protagonist? hm
GeckoPutt  +   630d ago
Call me old fashioned, but we've had a female protagonist available to play as since Crystal in 2001...
ChronicMW  +   629d ago
Oh... For some reason I thought Protagonist meant Antagonist sorry about that.
Pyrrhus  +   630d ago
If character customisation is true, then i can only say finally.
tigertron  +   630d ago
Not full customisation though...:(
GloriousBagel  +   630d ago
It's a start :3

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