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Submitted by ltachiUchiha 1004d ago | opinion piece

What about the Wii U? Developers and publishers keep passing over Nintendo’s ‘next-gen’ console

By Mark Melnychu

The Wii U was technically the first of the current crop of next-generation consoles to hit the market. The only problem is the game development community appears to disagree.

Third-party support has never been one of Nintendo’s strengths, but at their E3 press conference last year it appeared the company was trying to change that. Wii U versions of big games such as Mass Effect 3 and Batman: Arkham City were shown off for the system.

Sadly, the love Nintendo showed devs last year isn’t being returned. When discussing their plans for the PS4 and next Xbox, developers either don’t mention the Wii U, or take the time to say why they’re not focusing on it. So let’s take a quick rundown of who doesn’t love the Wii U so far. (Nintendo, Wii U)

yugovega  +   1004d ago
why don't we get rid of the concept of 'next gen' and just say new systems?
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ltachiUchiha  +   1004d ago
Gotta agree wit u there bro.
yugovega  +   1004d ago
just the term screams fanboy now. it's annoying.

haha at fanboy disagrees.
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ltachiUchiha  +   1004d ago
Lol yup thats n4g for ya lol.
n4f  +   1004d ago
my name stand for News4Fanbooy
NastyLeftHook0  +   1004d ago
wii u is as dead as a doornail.
eferreira  +   1004d ago
everything without a soul is dead as a doornail lol
zebramocha  +   1004d ago
@gamma next gen only implies that the system,architecture or what ever is better then the thing that came before it,it gets confusing when you compare it to competing systems and architeture.
yugovega  +   1004d ago
its not confusing at all. lets say ps4 launchs a week before xbox. xbox will be the only next gen system for one week. its stupid. sony is already hard at work on the next gen. the ps5
Aceman18  +   1003d ago
my friend who's a huge Nintendo fan sent me this link the other day which i found shocking at first but not surprising to hear.

the link is an article about dev units being returned to Nintendo.
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MasterCornholio  +   1003d ago

Even the ones that were given away for free are getting returned.

Who returns a free dev kit?

Motorola RAZR i
Kingthrash360  +   1004d ago
I think the 3rd party publishers have learned a lesson from the wii. 1st party nintendo games sell like water in hell but not 3rd party titles...hell even sports games struggle
Blackdeath_663  +   1003d ago
best selling game is nintendo land at 1.8mill not exactly like water in hell. monster hunter tri the only game that is interesting is at 0.33 mill

this is the reason why devs are unimpressed
P.S: source may not be super accurate
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Kingthrash360  +   1003d ago
no ment on the wii that 1st party games sold great ..of corse the numbers aren't super big on the wiiu since not many own one. but I do agree with your reason devs are unimpressed. surprisingly NA is the wiiu's biggest supporter.
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Blackdeath_663  +   1003d ago
oh yeah on the wii first party games did sell but the wii offered motion controls something which has never been available and was indeed next gen despite having standard graphics the wiiU doesn't have anything which is considered new or next gen tablets have been around for a little while and the features that are possible with the wiiU controller don't really add a huge advancement to the gaming experience. only time will tell how nintendo will fare in the long run, maybe they need a helping of humble pie after all sony have been having alot of that recently and now they're turning things around.
chestnut1122  +   1004d ago
I bought mine awhile ago, A 32 gb Deluxe Set with Nintendo land plus I buy a Monster Hunter. What an Amazing Device. Just Buy these People and You would shut up.

I thought it ain't a next gen. It amazingly is. Will wait patiently for games.

I never regret buying a console these way TBH.
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Highlife  +   1004d ago
I bought my kids one for xmass and regret it. They don't even play it anymore. They have 3 games and they just sit there. Mario was the same game as the Wii one. Now maybe the console will be better in a year or two if they ever release another game but I should not have bought it yet.
chestnut1122  +   1004d ago
I don't regret it :P Well then Goodluck,

anyway I got dislikes for purchasing a Wii U? LOL at the fanboys in here, I have my ps3 and Vita guys and I am saying these console is amazing.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1004d ago
It's not just the Wii U that publishers and developers will be passing over for a while, even Activision is worried about the new Xbox and PlayStation because it's risky to release and make games for new consoles with low install bases.

People are saying good things about the Wii U, but in the current economy you wont see a ton of risk taken when there is little to no chance of reward or payoff. Personally I would have loved to see the new SimCity on the Wii U, but EA are kind of acting like babies, there is opportunity to make some money and sell some games, but not every third party game is going to blow up on Wii U.
lizard81288  +   1004d ago
Yeah, I think when the PS4 and the Nextbox comes out, Nintendo should get a boost, due to its bigger install base.
DoctorMontalban  +   1004d ago
Red Leader standing I agree with the sentiment in your comment, but EA is a public company so they act in accordance with their shareholder/fiduciary responsibility, sometimes in the interest in gamers, insofar as we help them with their primary objective.
ylwzx3  +   1004d ago
I own one and I really feel it is priced just a tad too high. Also, the low amount of GB that you get is kind of an insult.
LOL_WUT  +   1004d ago
Nintendo had the casuals in mind when developing the Wii U. ;)
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1004d ago
let's just hope nintendo can once again count on casual gamers since most of them are already satisfied playing on tablets and smartphones.
Theyellowflash30  +   1004d ago
Indie developers are flocking to the system. It's really only Western developers that aren't supporting it.

Sega, Square Enix, Namco, Capcom, all have games planned. Sega has 7 Wii U games on the docket.
Game3s  +   1004d ago
My guess is the western devs are behaving the same way as some people on n4g here, because of the wii was underpowered and mainly appealed to the "casual" compared to PS3 and 360 they now have the mindset that nintendo's consoles are always weak and for casuals and now they refuse to look at nintendo in any other light.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1004d ago
Can you give me a reason why they shouldnt? People will continue to look at nintendo in a casual light as long as they continue to promote their system to the casuals.
Game3s  +   1004d ago

People wrote it off before games even came for it, Even its non-casual games people write off because its on a nintendo system...When bayonetta 2 was announced exclusive to Wii U people were raging and then they came to accept it and their reason for accepting was "the first one was garbage this one is garbage too i not missing much".
CaptainN  +   1004d ago
A lot of third parties are just lazy......they don't won't to scale their game engines and they dont want to take any risk....they rather port a year old game, with missing features and then complain that the game doesn't sell well on Nintendo platforms. They really think Nintendo owners are stupid and will buy an outdated game that's gimped for full price. Nintendo owners are very smart consumers who look for quality games......hence why most only buy Nintendo 1st party games. If you want to go after that audience you have to do more for them...not less! Bring out a game the same time as other version and make the Nintendo version the best version. Add extra features, characters,levels etc to make people want that version among all others. And for goodness sake, frikin market the damn game! Show commercials with Wii-U footage and boxart shown at the end, show the exclusive feature, but don't do nothing an expect it to sell!
McScroggz  +   1004d ago
"Nintendo owners are very smart consumers who look for quality games......hence why most only buy Nintendo 1st party games."

Ummmm isn't this exactly why there isn't third party support? If Nintendo makes an underpowered console and its fans generally only buy and support first party games, why WOULD a third party developer put money into porting games to the console?

So you are saying that developers should spend resources to create extra content for games to appeal to a fanbase that is roughly 5 million (in comparison to close to 80 million on the other consoles)? Nintendo pushed away third party developers a while ago and its main constituents only really support Nintendo products.

Nintendo fans aren't entitled to better versions of games, and instead of being upset with developers be upset with Nintendo continuously neglecting most everything not Nintendo.
ChickeyCantor  +   1003d ago
They only buy first party games because third party games are lacking. It's a double edged thing. To ensure your game can sell, you need to provide it first.

"So you are saying that developers should spend resources to create extra content for games to appeal to a fanbase that is roughly 5 million (in comparison to close to 80 million on the other consoles)? "

They are for the PS4/720 which has an install base of 0.
And because these games are being developed people flock to the PS4/720 eventually. Because games are being developed in masses. WiiU would look far more interesting at launch if more games were presented.

No one is asking for a better version( exclusive content doesn't necessarily make it better ), people are asking for games in general. But so far developers are doomglooming the sh/t out of it by saying that Nintendo fans don't buy third party games. They treat them as unintelligent customers.
Take Mass Effect 3 for instance, why should I buy that if there is a trilogy pack coming? And guess what NOT to the WiiU. They also bring on to themselves.

Rayman Legends? Is being ported to PS3 and 360. Causing those who bought a Wii U for rayman to wait several months more. And Ubis excuse ? Because 360/ps3 fans wanted it too. But guess what, when Nintendo fans wanted a certain game they blatantly ignored them.

And not to mention the lies from big companies claiming that their engine doesn't run on the WiiU but still have it made scalable for mobile devices.

Developers are flipflopping around, and then blaiming Nintendo fans for not buying their games.

During the Wii? How about deadspace? Oh look, on rails. You know developers can claim whatever they want. But they can't deny their sh/tty business approach.
A good game is a good game, and those that are worth it will be bought. Regardless if the person is a "nintendo" fanboy.
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D_RoyJenkins  +   1003d ago
Wow, that's some bubble you're living in...
ShinMaster  +   1003d ago
Developers prepared their next-gen plans and engines for systems like the PS4 and Nextbox. They're started to move on to the next-gen.
It's not their fault Nintendo is just now on par with current gen hardware.
meganick  +   1004d ago
"Third party support has never been one of Nintendo's strengths."

This is a bizzare misconception that many people have, but in reality most of Nintendo's consoles and handhelds have had great third party support. Really, only the Wii and N64 were lacking in third party support. And don't say Gamecube. That system had a healthy amount of third party ports and exclusives.
McScroggz  +   1004d ago
After the SNES, Nintendo became more and more insulated and began neglecting third party developers. It's not a misconception, it's the truth. The GameCube had some support, but the N64 and Wii had very little - and the Wii U's third party support is looking worse and worse. Nintendo can only get better if they are held accountable for their mistakes.
yugovega  +   1003d ago
the wii had more 3rd party games the xb or ps3. granted they were not all shooters though s they were not "quality"
ylwzx3  +   1004d ago
Things have just gotten to ridiculous.. Things were better in the 80's and 90's when lots of great games were made. Now everything is just rushed to the table.
sephx22  +   1004d ago
If Nintendo wants 3rd party support they're gonna have to change their low-tech ways. If the Wii U was on par with the PS4/X720 i think things will be alot different. If Nintendo makes a console that makes all developers happy then gamers will be just as happy.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1004d ago
Problem is that nintendo could no longer compete in the high spec space. Nintendo was losing about 35% their install each gen after the snes.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 49.10 million
Nintendo 64 - 32.93 million
GameCube - 21.74 million
wii- 99.84 million.

The wii was an aberration on nintendo's part. Yes i know ninty makes money on every system but at some point their install base was gonna be too low to make money. Whether or not that happens with the wii-u remains to be seen. Nintendo needs to do better with 3rd parties or their business model wont be sustainable.
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Theyellowflash30  +   1004d ago
Tech has nothing to do with it. Gamecube was on par with Xbox and PS2 and it had the least third party support.
Tito08  +   1003d ago
Gamecube didn't have DVD & very limited online functionality, it only had like 4 games to be playable online(mostly PSOs), so yes, tech had something do with it, & in the regards of DVD & broadband functionality, Gamecube was also lower tech.

Maybe they could have included online play in Mario Kart, Smash Bros, & more of Nintendo multiplayer games, it might have helped the Gamecube sell more units & encourage 3rd parties to work with Nintendo, but there was a reason they simply didn't do it, Nintendo isn't as awesome & smart as their fanbase thinks they are.
Theyellowflash30  +   1003d ago
Sorry, I should have said graphics.
ksinamation  +   1004d ago
I am so turned off by the industry all together. And we the fans have to realize the difference between companies that respect the art of creating video games and those that are just playing us for the almighty buck. Any developer who is seriously passionate about what they are creating would want their art to be displayed on every platform available Nintendo fathered popular gaming in other words they created the culture. Where would 90% of these dev's and companies be without Nintendo... But what goes around comes around and a lot of these pre-madona companies maybe laughing now but let's see what happens in round three red ring 2 sounds like a title you all will love lol I prefer quality over fluff any day
D_RoyJenkins  +   1003d ago
What a narrow view you have of the industry
DivineAssault  +   1003d ago
Damn, nintendo fans get pummeled daily by all these articles.. Every day there is multiple posts of devs canceling games, publishers not supporting it, kits collecting dust, horrible sales, no games, etc.. I think theyve had enough already.. It really cant get any worse for a console so let em be..
rick1woller  +   1003d ago
dead as a door nail to some of your feeble minds yes. You should learn to keep your nasty opinions to yourself, then you might get a girlfriend
edonus   1003d ago | Spam
Phil32  +   1003d ago
I'd say something nice about the Wii U, but that would just get the most disagrees while blatant trolling will get the most agrees.

Oh, N4G, you are a perfect reason as to why the mainstream world laughs at gamers.
#15 (Edited 1003d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
LOL_WUT  +   1003d ago
Phil32  +   1003d ago
Yep, I just did that to your pathetic and butthurt comment. Put me on ignore already, big boy, I'm tired of your stupid and lame comebacks.

I'm sure it's easier to ignore one person than it is an entire site. Quick, come up with some lame statement about how I should just ignore N4G instead of wanting it to grow up. That will CERTAINLY help this site-- ignoring the problem.

Ugh. At least I can put you on my ignore list. There. Done.

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