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WoW 5.3 Survival Guide: All You Need to Know Before It Hits

The folks over at GameSkinny have put together a comprehensive guide of all of their World of Warcraft 5.3 news for players to have easy access to all the changes and additions it brings with it. (Blizzard, PC, World of Warcraft)

Prcko  +   707d ago
wow is over,give something new blizzard,you losing people everyday,time to change!
Nyromith  +   706d ago
Yeah, let's just totally abandon this 8 million players game and concentrate on that new MMO, that may not even take off.

There is something special in WoW. True, it's less than before, but that could be restored with some minor tweaks. I feel very attached to this world since Warcraft 3 and I'll never stop playing this game from time to time.
Erudito87  +   706d ago
wow has lost 1.3 million users
Panthers  +   706d ago
It has, but its still over 8 mil players. Its still a juggernaught.
aiBreeze  +   706d ago
It's not over, it just needs some work. They just need to get away from this "accessibility" obsession they have.
Pyrrhus  +   706d ago
I hate WoW as much as the next guy, but respect it. All these new P2P mmo's cant last while WoW can still sustain such high sub numbers.
Supermax  +   706d ago
Bring it to next gen consoles
Erudito87  +   706d ago
guild wars 2 and diablo 3 ftw subscriptions suck
arjman  +   706d ago
Guild Wars 2 is awesome however Diablo 3 was slightly disappointing (auction house).
Mathew9R   706d ago | Spam
TheSaint  +   705d ago
WoW users, the bottom feeders of gaming.

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