Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming to PC and PS3 in Summer

Dealspwn writes: The much-delayed Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn is set for a summer release according to the game's Executive Producer, Naoki Yoshida, "The whole team has been working at full throttle to ensure the game will be ready for a summer release," and "It won't be long before you can mark your calenders and begin the final countdown."

This summer release includes both the PC and the PS3 versions, which is surprising considering the original FFXIV (which crashed and burned horribly) never even made it to Sony's console. In all honesty, I thought this new and improved version would skip the PS3 and head to the PS4.

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Agent_hitman1840d ago

Wow this is a god news for PC and PS3 gamers. And I just hope that there will be a cross-play between the two platforms..

I've been waiting FF14 PS3 version for a long time.

ltachiUchiha1840d ago

Agree, cross play would definitely be awesome, hope they do this with next gen systems.

R_aVe_N1840d ago

I don't see why they would not make this cross play since FFXI was on 3 platforms (PC, PS2, Xbox).

L-a-i-n1840d ago

I am not sure how people could disagree with facts. lol

Aggesan1840d ago

So you could actually play on the same server across those platforms?

R_aVe_N1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


yes PC, PS2, and Xbox360 users all played on the same servers. There were many times when I was playing that we had all types in our group. Although PS2, and Xbox people were not as chatty as the PC people due to how they had to type stuff in since there was no voice chat. I am hoping voice chat is in this version make this so much more fun if you ask me. The best thing about them redoing this game is the return of Jobs that is what made FFXI so much fun. What really made the game fun was US, Japan, EU player all played together as well.

Myze1840d ago

Also, the game plays better with a controller, so there is no PC advantage as their may be with other games, in terms of controls.

Mario181840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

@ above "I am not sure how people could disagree with facts. lol "

Maybe they are disagreeing to something else. Maybe some people "can" see why they would not make this cross play since FFXI was on 3 platforms (PC, PS2, Xbox).

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Abriael1840d ago

while this is good, it's not news. All of this has been known since two weeks ago. It was already on N4G, and the source is also wrong since the site obviously sources another.

It's hilarious how the writer is actually surprised. Nice to see how some people really approve everything randomly here.

Capt-FuzzyPants1840d ago

Cross Play is confirmed. It has been for a while im pretty sure. FF11 was so theres no reason this wont.

SnotyTheRocket1840d ago

It is crossplay everyone, its been confirmed, like, three years ago. and recently stated aswell.

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colonel1791840d ago

Hello no!

They need to finish Final Fantasy Versus XIII and announce Kingdom Hearts 3. We still have to deal with Lighting Returns.

greyhaven331839d ago

Considering the ps4 reportedly closely resembles a pc and it's already being made for the pc...I don't think a port is out of the question or would be that difficult

NatureOfLogic1840d ago

Finally can get my hands on the PS3 version.

socks1840d ago

The smart move would be to make the game F2P. There is simply no way to make this game profitable on a sub model especially after the colossal failure of the initial release.

Bobby Kotex1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I seriously doubt this game will succeed. Go ahead and vote me down, but this revamp seems like a poor use of their resources.

R_aVe_N1840d ago

I don't think it is a poor use of resources mainly due they fan let down of the FFXIV. They promised so much and didn't deliver at all. The revamp of the game was for the fans of FF Online games which had a pretty big cult following. I think this will be just fine now that they are making it more like FFXI and less like FFXIV. Your opinion has a good chance as well since so many got burned on the last one. I would rather have this than yet another FFXIII game....

phantomexe1839d ago

before i wasn't getting it but when they added the i am. I wish they would add sam job class from 11. I'm sure they will in time.

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