Second Metro: Last Light Review Score Revealed

OPM also praised the game by saying “a powerful atmospheric ghost story”.

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RankFTW1112d ago

Already got mine pre-loaded :)

Kran1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Really? Mine doesnt have the preload option. And its on steam. Its in my library but it doesnt let me preload :/

EDIT: never mind. Its now letting me preload :)

Autodidactdystopia1106d ago

Wow read this article


"When 4A needed another dev kit, or high-end PC, or whatever, someone from 4A had to fly to the States and sneak it back to the Ukraine in a backpack lest it be "seized" at the border by thieving customs officials."

"There were no outlets in the Ukraine, and our only option was to pack a truck in Poland and try to find an "expediter" to help bribe its way down to Kiev."

"I truly enjoyed Far Cry 3, which deserved its great reviews. But how many times did Ubisoft Montreal lose power for hours or days during development?"

"All developers have deadlines, but I know of few that had to bring in construction generators to be able to work the weekend before final submission because an extra day meant missing shelf dates by weeks."

"Then 4A works in their parkas and struggles to keep their fingers warm in temperatures well below freezing."

"The only thing for which 4A is getting more credit than I think they deserve is the creativity behind the ever frightening, dark, post apocalyptic environment of the game. I've been in Kiev to visit the team, so I know they just stepped outside for reference."

"If 4A had been given a more competitive budget, in a saner environment, hadn't wasted a year-plus chasing the irrational requirement of THQ's original producers to fit multiplayer and co-op into the same deadline and budget(!), hadn't had to deal with the transition to a new publisher in the crucial few months before final, what could 4A have created?"


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just_looken1111d ago

You should watch this before you even touch the game.

I looks like deep silver is already nickle dimming it.

Abdou231111d ago

Played the first one and didn't like it very much, concept was good but stealth was very broken, stopped halfway through.

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Walker1112d ago

This is gonna be good

dazzrazz1112d ago

I'll buy it used once it hits bargain price of $20 or less, locking hardcore mode for people who did not pre order and asking $5 bucks later is a no go !

hosseincode1112d ago

4A team has nothing to do with it, you should buy it or they'll shut the studio down!

also if you are playing on PC i promise there will be a fix or something to easily unlock it for free (it should have been free, though)

arronax-11112d ago

How does it matter? You shouldn't be pre-ordering crap like this in the first place.

Rivitur1111d ago

Blame THQ they forced them to have Ranger mode dlc a year ago and Deep silver couldn't take it away as dlc because people had already pre-ordered it.

HammadTheBeast1111d ago


They could've just had the in-game weapon, the in game credits, and the art comic as the pre-oder bonus, but just to **** with the people actually interested in this, they screw over everyone.

This is not cool, and a sleazy move at making a small profit.

Also, I don't know if he slipped up or something but he says "We rejected making this a timed dlc" as if it's a good thing.

Swiggins1111d ago

Ranger Mode was a paid-addition in 2033 as well....there was nothing 4A studios could have done about this.

coolbeans1111d ago

No, the ranger mode addition was free for PC users. That tiny pack cost $3 on XBL.

HammadTheBeast1111d ago

No it wasn't. The could've done a lot.

paddystan1112d ago

Can't wait for friday! Pre-loaded it on Steam. Might also buy it on PS4 if it is good.

JohnApocalypse1111d ago

They've confirmed that its not coming to PS4

Chaos_Raiden1112d ago

Gonna buy it for my PS3 collection of shooter games.

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