First Metro Last Light Benchmark From Scan Magazine.

First Metro Last Light Benchmark From Scan Magazine.

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Orpheus1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Offers as in Metro 2033
the PC version of Metro
Light load in comparison with the
Console version the best graphics.
This is not just because
that the developer 4A Games PCFassung
higher resolution textures
donated. The Ukrainians also set
consistently to the modern DX11
Offer API and its rendering tricks
but in addition a support
for older DX10 (.1) -/9-Karten
to. As we by the Chief Technical
Officer Oles Shishkovtsov learn
treating the technically backward
However, DX9 rendering path
only as a compatibility mode,
since the DX10-/DX11-Schnittstelle
Rendering process to 10 to 15 percent
Furthermore, one has Last Light
According to Oles Shishkovtsov over 3,000
Donated improvements, these include
also some graphical revisions.
On the one hand was the
Level of detail of the outer regions and
enhances the characters on the other hand
you have the lighting and
Effects such as depth of field or
Color correction polished. Additional
4A Games added the Kantenglättungsmodi
AAA and FXAA to a
Implementation together.
A potent renderer
The graphics engine of Metro Last
Light is very modern and is
Competing products such as the
Renderer of Cryengine 3, or
Frostbite 2 engine in every way.
By the deferred shading in scene
set lighting including
Ambient Occlusion (Screen
Space Ambient Occlusion) and
Volume scattering (Sub Surface
Scattering) is located on the
Level of Battlefield 3 or Crysis
3, making it one of the best
what current games mount up - on
PC of course. The textures are
almost consistently very high resolution
(2,048 x 2,048 pixels) and with
Parallax Occlusion Mapping garnished.
The very detailed and
have filtered soft shadows
a maximum resolution of
3,096 x 3,096 pixels. One
switchable super-sampling anti-aliasing
(SSAA) and a mixture of shader-based Analytical
AA including sharpness filter and FXAA
(Setting is in the detail "Very
High "automatically switched)
ensure a steady image.

In addition DX11 hardware tessellation
what geometry the
and thus the level of detail levels,
of refined weapons and NPCs.
Also support
DirectCompute calculated by the
Depth of field and motion blur
objects for the
cinematic flair. The flip side
the coin: If you want to none
Details of this optical dispense
You come to a high-
End 3D accelerators Beat
a Geforce GTX 680/Radeon
HD 7970 GHz Edition not around.

hennessey861805d ago

In writing your comment like that

dgonza401804d ago

It's obnoxious.. Very "hey, look at me!"

Orpheus1805d ago

Demanding as the previous
Although the engine of Metro Last
Light is very well optimized for multi-core
- We measure with a Phenom II
X6 1100T (six cores) a steady
Increase the fps rate in manual
Increasing the number of two core
to six - is the power of the graphics card
largely responsible
for whether the title smoothly playable
's. In terms of CPU, however sufficient
a quad-core chip of the (upper) middle class,
with the approximately 3.0 GHz
Clock counted, we recommend the
AMD FX-6300 or Core i5-3470th
Who Metro Last Light but with all
Details (stage "Very High") and a
now standard full-HD resolution
Play (1,920 x 1,080)
wants, probably after our first
Measurements with the not yet completely
Preview version with a Geforce
GTX 660 Ti or Radeon HD 7870
reach the 45 fps mark geradeso.
Who offers high quality
Super-sampling anti-aliasing
the quality quite ordinary
Analytical mix of anti-aliasing
FXAA and prefers to have as our
Benchmarks show, already for
Level "2x" the respective high-end
Model of AMD or Nvidia ascend.
The stage "4x" forces currently
Render all cars in the knee -
Publi sher Deep Silver recommends
the optimal optics (we assume
including 2x or 4x SSAA), for example,
a Geforce GTX 690/Titan.
Physics effects by GPU
Aside from the improved graphics
4A Games grabs again GPU-accelerated
Physx effects in Metro
Last Light: Sun flutter substances in
Wind and can be just as
as parts of the environment with shots
maltreat. Walls, wooden crates,
Column, and the like
for example, with physical
Properties provided
so that when the fire smoke representation
very realistic and fails
a large number of debris
flying through the area. The increases
Although the immersion clear calls
in return, but a strong
of your Nvidia graphics card. As shown in
the benchmarks is shown above,
halved with a GTX 670, the
Frame rate, if the chip still
calculate the advanced physics
needs. If the CPU to do this work
- Players with AMD cards
have to resort to this alternative
-, This power station must
perform much better
used as our upcoming
Phenom II X6 1100T.

Anti-aliasing: appearance and performance
Thanks to the consistent focus on the DX11 API provides Metro Last Light
addition to a shader-based supersampling antialiasing.
The newly integrated into the DX11 renderer mix of Analytical AA (AAA) and FXAA
is automatically activated in the level of detail "Very High" and even, as in the
is to see the second image, very good. For a perfect smoothing of polygon edges
you must enable supersampling antialiasing separately. Note
In mind that the option "0.5" (Fig. 1) upscaling process takes place,
which provides for a washed-out look - which explains the increase in fps rate
below the benchmark. The option "4x", the quiet for a pleasant view
ensures (Fig. 3) and in which the frame rate from 54 fps to 17 fps (benchmark system they hey)
falls, only cars like the Geforce GTX 690/Titan are grown.

zeal0us1805d ago

Funny how some people think Crysis is a demanding. Metro is on another level.

Muffins12231805d ago

Yes it is "demanding" but this one seems to run about the same as the last one so its much more optimized.

Plagasx1804d ago

Can I get 60fps with a single gtx 680? Sorry, I don't understand that article..

ninjahunter1804d ago

Looks like it would float between 45 and 60. They mention though that the game will probably run better at release, and even better once new drivers and patches roll out.