Ivalice Continuously Impacts Final Fantasy

Ivalice Continuously Impacts Final Fantasy‚ It is a universe loved by many fans of the series and definitely a world I can’t seem to get enough of. Ivalice is a popular world that was introduced with the hit spin-off‚ Final Fantasy Tactics and has‚ since then‚ appeared in a number of games developed by Square. Without a doub it will continue to do so in the future.

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Sharius1866d ago

shut up and give me vagrant story 2

ScubbaSteve1865d ago

There's a petition for a new vagrant story 2 game on the Square Enix site. If it reaches 200,000+ signatures they said they'll announce FF13-4.

Kurisu1865d ago

*signs the petition*

Hope it's a prequel ;p

Neckbear1865d ago

Ivalice has ALWAYS been the best FF.

ceballos77mx1865d ago

One of my biggest dissapointments this Gen is a lack of a proper ff tactics console sequel.

GABRIEL10301865d ago

FF Tactics is an amazing game, but Square despite to the good sales in PSx and PSP, they never developed a sequel. :(

belac091865d ago

a proper sequel anyways.