Playing Colony Wars for the First Time

Even though it got overshadowed by larger, more often remembered titles on the PSone, Colony Wars managed to find a large enough success to spawn two sequels and command a respectable 91 on metacritic. Moarpowah takes a look at this title from a modern context to see if it has what it takes to still be entertaining today.

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Godmars2901809d ago

Sad that games like this were allowed to fade away.

NBT911809d ago

It's even sadder that Pysgnosis which became Studio Liverpool is now completely gone. Which I suppose pretty much rules out any hope of ever hearing anything from this series again. No reboots or re releases or even PSN releases.

I'm trying to remember what else they made, I know there was this and WipEout but I'm sure I remember playing other stuff from them.

NateCole1809d ago

Been waiting since PS1 but none.

GABRIEL10301809d ago

Commencing jump sequence....nice game and memories :)

BlaqMagiq241809d ago

Oh my effing god. The memories I had with this game.

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