Gamer Gossip: Patrice Désilets, PS3’s Diablo 3, and more.

Did you hear about what happened to Patrice Désilets? It’s such a shame when a person so great could be treated so low. Ubisoft better get their act together! And what’s with Blizzard nowadays? Do we really need a Diablo 3 on the PS3/PS4? Oh goodness. Watch the video to find out more!

Game on!

- Electro Jade

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MrKennedy1806d ago

this is a great video about video games

fsfsxii1806d ago

Yeah right, girl talking about things we already know about, while being weird.

Pozzle1806d ago

I'm guessing the video is aimed at people who are either interested in getting all their gaming news in one place, or people who don't keep up with gaming news as much as the average N46 member.

ltachiUchiha1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Maybe they wanted to test out the console market since blizzard been mainly pc devs? I dont see a problem with them releasing diablo 3 on ps3/ps4 especially ps4 because with the xbox infinite & ps4 u will see more pc dev support on next gen systems.

Army_of_Darkness1806d ago

Is she over 19 by any chance?! because I feel like a perv thinking that she's cute and shit...

Elwenil1806d ago

Her name appears to be Jennie Bharaj and she is currently 23.

Agent_hitman1806d ago

The girl is pretty that's all.. I don't care about the news

nix1806d ago

thankfullly i can look and listen. lol.

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