The Last Of Us preview lock-in reader’s feature l GameCentral

A GameCentral reader reports back from a hands-on preview of the new zombie-filled game from the makers of Uncharted.

By GameCentral: "I went to GAME’s The Last Of Us preview event on Friday night and played about an hour and a half of the game. It was actually an alpha build of the game according to the PlayStation rep that was there. I was very impressed with what I played. It involved creeping through a large derelict office type building with me playing as Joel (the game’s protagonist) who is accompanied by Ellie (the 14 year old girl Joel is hired to protect) and another woman whose name I didn’t get."

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4lc4pon31835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

its not a Zombie game they are infected with a fungi

ltachiUchiha1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Yup & they are actually more dangerous then zombies especially the clickers who can kill you with 1 bite. I also like the last paragraph.

"As far as the gameplay goes it was a satisfying, varied and rewarding experience that was far more clever than most run and gun third person action games and far less linear and set piece cinematics-filled than even Naughty Dog’s own Uncharted series. The Last Of Us is definitely looking like a stellar survival horror action adventure and I can’t wait until I get the demo that came with God Of War: Ascension on 31st May for more and when the full game launches on 14 June."

Game is going to be awesome.

Cirran1835d ago

Well if we are going to be all technical about it... Other games we call "Zombie games" don't actually have zombies in them. "A soulless corpse said to be revived by witchcraft". How many so called "Zombie games" do you know where witchcraft is the cause of zombies?

ltachiUchiha1835d ago


Im not sure what u are getting at but the runners in the last of us are kind of like zombies in a way but clickers are actually deadly they remind me of the enemy from RE4 with the long claws who are blind but attracted by sound.

Gamer-Z1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

The Infected remind me of the Darkseekers from "I Am Legend".