Watch_Dogs: 7 Things You Need to Know

Sid Shuman writes: "Watch_Dogs’s dark vision of technological totalitarianism is heading to PS3 and PS4, and we were lucky enough to see the first live gameplay demo in San Francisco earlier this week (played on a DualShock 4, no less!). We’ve carefully studied the footage, asked pressing questions, and present you with this breakdown."

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M-M1867d ago

I just hope that's more of an option rather than forcing us to play that way.

NastyLeftHook01867d ago

i hope it has an offline switch just like gta 4

Lone_Man1867d ago

Agreed, nd also some multiplayers glitches just like gta 4...that would be hilarious

d0nni31867d ago

I believe there was a story yesterday saying the game could be played totally offline

Dee_911866d ago

please link donni3.Is it in a preview article? A very super tiny part of me wants this to be an always online game as a sacrifice,just so devs can see how horrible this "feature" is.
And find a better way to "combat piracy"



I'm not 100% sure but I believe it was on the Machinima gameplay video that was here yesterday, where they talked a little about how will multiplayer work, single player worlds overlapping, mobile access and that stuff... I believe they also said it could be played completelly offiline.

Crazyglues1866d ago

I think the video explains it better -

Looks like it should be a good game... I'm happy that you can play offline too...

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HammadTheBeast1867d ago

It screams to me of Always Online, but I'm still holding out.

FamilyGuy1866d ago

Something like Burnout Paradise where there's a simple switch to go from offline to online.

Kennytaur1866d ago

They've confiremd it's perfectly playable offline only as well.

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Aaroncls71867d ago

Sounds like Dark Souls' mp. And that's good.

morgenpimm1866d ago

which originated with demon souls, man i really hope we get demon souls 2.

come on sony.

KaBaW1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Is there even much a difference between Dark Souls and Demon Souls?

Or you just want it to be exclusive?


There are some differences. Dark Souls is played in a open world fashion while on Demon's Souls you have stages. On Dark Souls you have all this covenants you have to either be aligned or not to access new stuff, which is cool, but in Demon's Souls we had the much harder to deal with character tendecy and world tendency which demanded you to try crazy stuff like going through a whole stage (3 bosses) without dying and exploring a lot.

Personally I liked how it evolved, so I'm fine with Dark Souls, but I can see why some people would rather have a Demon's Souls 2 and not just because it would be exclusive. Anyway, if they add an easier way to fight along/against friends (and, why not, some headset support) I will be all up to either Dark or Demon's Souls sequel.

KaBaW1866d ago

Thanks for the reply and not just disagreeing. :P
I never got around to Demon Souls, but loved Dark Souls.
That's why I was asking, didn't know if there was much a difference.
I thought Dark Souls was still a direct sequel, just a name change.
But, the name change was done because it was no longer exclusive..
Since I enjoyed Dark Souls, though, guess I'll need to get Demon Souls.

Also, never know with people on here; so I was just curious, :O
Thanks, again.

SeanScythe1867d ago

I see it as like Dark souls to where if you are online you are connected to their games network. Will be awesome to have beside the AI of the game but real people alerting the police to where I am and working against me. The thought of any camera in the city having a real person watching my move makes the game more realistic.

Campy da Camper1867d ago

Hopefully is like red dead redemption mp. I love demons souls style too but not too sure I want people invading my game while I'm playing this. If I could just go offline then it would be fine.

Regardless, I was hyped for the game already then watching that new footage yesterday put it in overdrive.

Bubbles for everyone above cause its Saturday!

KaBaW1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I'd have to try it online first, though. It could work out alright.
If only there are some players who are willing to help, not be a douche.

I'd be more willing to help others, than to fuck with them.

Skate-AK1866d ago

Free Roam multiplayer like Red Dead Redemption would be great.