The Daily Five: Easter Eggs That Revealed Games

"Then there are the easter eggs in which a studio doesn’t reference their past, but their future. They’re especially great because game PR companies are almost militant in trying to control the flow of information for upcoming games. In these five cases, the developers took matters into their own hands and laid the blueprints for their upcoming games right under everyone’s noses." - Joe Garcia

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the_eddster1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

The spoilers are for Bioshock infinite. Would have been nice if the writer had of specified that...

Venemox1870d ago

"Oh, and spoilers, especially for a certain Irrational Games title that came out very recently."

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"Here be the spoilers I warned you about."


nah man.

WonsAuto1870d ago

It's always fun to see who actually reads and who does not.