More Microsoft Exclusives Will Hurt Sony PS4

For several years now, all you hear from biased gamers, as well as so called journalists is how Microsoft needs more exclusive games. That Halo, Forza, and Gears are giving gamer's fatigue. At the same time we also don't hear how unsuccessful many exclusives games can be. Remember Sega? The leader in exclusive games for not only console gaming, but the long gone arcade era. What happened to them? They are no longer a console manufacturer. So Does having exclusive games really determine a consoles success? If so Microsoft should make more. In fact Microsoft making more exclusives hurt Sony's chances with the PS4 being successful. goes over the whole notion, and biased push of exclusive games on Microsoft. Good & Bad...

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NastyLeftHook01805d ago

thats like saying my honda civic with added 20hp will hurt a ferrari.

1805d ago
Hellsvacancy1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Whats with the massive images?

Edit: After reading it its clear why theres large images, its because its written by an idiot

"This generation has been really good to them. Microsoft has taken the less is more, quality over quantity as a mantra to exclusive game development. Which is smart"

"Again, first party games let you set a standard for your platform, and Microsoft has set a standard for developing great first party titles"


majiebeast1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

"You see Sony’s first party games account for only 10% of PS3 sales."

Pulling statistics out your butt?

If Sony doesnt make a profit on these games why would they make more?

You count Forza as successful when it has declined in sales by a million after 3.

You say Uncharted doesnt sell like COD neither does Gears of war but that you praise to high heavens.

This is your opinion not an article dont try to pass it off as such.

Root1805d ago

Basicaly in fanboy logic

Sony Exclusives - Low Sales = Bad

Microsoft Exclusives - Low Sales = Everything will be fine

DonFreezer1804d ago

So now everyone who doesn't bash Microsoft is a fanboy?

headblackman1805d ago

cod sales very high because its a multiplatform title. gears of war will always out sale drakes uncharted. not because its a better game, but because it has superior features, like multiplayer, hard and campaign co-op.

WeAreLegion1805d ago

Uncharted has multi-player...

Uncharted and Gears of War are incredibly close, sales-wise.

shivvy241804d ago

Both those games are close in sales , btw they are 2 different types of games when you think about it, gears is more of a blood/gore bro dude TPS while uncharted is more of an adventure/treasure hunting/hollywood TPS ! their both awesome games and close in sales

Snookies121805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

More Microsoft exclusives will hurt Sony PS4. Hahaha, thank you for enlightening me. I never would have guessed exclusive games had that kind of power.

TheKingslayer1805d ago

Overall Microsoft has experienced better sales for their exclusive games than Sony. Sony is not in the best financial situation, and it seems like this next generation will again be about who will have exclusive content, as well as developers. Both Sony, and Microsoft are working hard at that. Microsoft has benefited more than Sony in this regard with the Xbox 360. That's not an opinion. We used Halo 3's first week sales as benchmark which factually broke entertainment records for sales.

This is indeed an article based on the larger conversation that has surrounded Microsoft about getting more exclusive games. No one's looked at from the point of view that the few they have are successful. Making more won't hurt them, but it would hurt the PS4 because it'll be games that will sway more gamers to the Next Xbox. You guys don't see truth in that?

majiebeast1805d ago

The only 1s that sell good are Halo,Forza,Gears and fable if you dont count Fable:Journey.

Here is a list of first party PS3 games that sold atleast 2 million copies.

-Heavy rain
-LBP,LBP2(1,2 sold more alone then the entire Viva Pinata franchise and nuts and bolts)
-Killzone 2,3
-Godofwar 3
-Resistance 1,2
-Uncharted 1,2,3

headblackman1804d ago

out of your list only 3 are sealers. the others are simply exclusives. and not that good of exclusives at that. check the sales before you start naming off stuff. don't get exclusive and popular sales item mixed up like you just did as does most PlayStation fans do. quality has always been better than quantity. Sony does game quantity and Microsoft does game quality. now do yourself a favor and take all of those 360 exclusives and compare the sales to all of the exclusives for ps3 sales numbers and you'll see that the ps3's exclusives can't compare.

shivvy241804d ago

@headblackman , just cause they dont sell lots doesnt mean their bad games, some of these are one of the best games this gen! you should give theses games a go :)

Chaostar1805d ago

Your opinion piece is completely one sided and your argument fundamentally illogical.

Less exclusives = good for Microsoft
More exclusives = good for Microsoft?

It's like you're incapable of seeing the situation from any other POV, you even label gamers who want more exclusives on the Xbox platform as "biased" right there in the description.

I'm afraid the only one coming off as biased here is you, it's more than obvious in your writing and confirmed in your comments here. If you want your site to be taken seriously as a source of gaming news and opinions you have to look at things with a much more objective mind, or at least come out and admit your bias so people can take it into account.

MrBeatdown1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

It sounds more like you're just cherry picking what to point out to suit the nonsensical opinion you've come up with.

Bringing up Sega is just flat out idiotic. They mismanaged their platforms for two generations. Exclusives can't save you if you fail at everything else. Hell, after a decade as a software-only company, Sega can't even get Sonic right. They've proven for the past decade they had no hope of sustaining a console with exclusives.

What's completely ignored is that the Saturn and Dreamcast went up against the PS1 and PS2. Two platforms that wiped the floor with everyone when it came to exclusives, and went on to become the two best selling consoles in history.

It's entirely nonsensical that you relate your opinion that Sega's exclusives were better than Nintendo's, to Sega's console business, which only came to an end after Sony had dominated the market with tons of exclusives for six or seven years.

What's even more ridiculous, is that after shooting down the importance of exclusives, you then talk up how MS having more exclusives will hurt Sony.

First half of the article... Better exclusives didn't help Sega!

Second half of the article... Better exclusives will help Microsoft!

As if that contradiction wasn't bad enough, you then talk about Microsoft and Sony as if MS's exclusives live up to some higher standard that Sony's don't. You back this up with nothing. No sales data comparisons. No Metacritic averages. Nothing, besides "ZOMG HALO sells so much!". You talk about overall quality and sales, without any evidence to support it.

To top it all off, you ignore all of MS's failures, as if their reliance on Halo, Gears, and Forza is a result of some incredibly high standard MS set for themselves, that will carry over into next-gen, to Sony's detriment.

You blatantly ignore the heap of recent mediocre Kinect games Microsoft has released, along with all their core-oriented commercial or critical flops, like Too Human, Ninja Blade, Crackdown, and Kingdom Under Fire.

You act like none of those exist, and that the Gears/Halo/Forza line-up is purely the result of MS's tireless pursuit of quality, and any addition to that line-up will be pure gold. The reality is that MS has seen just as many flops as any publisher, but with such weak first party support, they haven't had the development muscle to fill the gaps left when devs like Silicon Knights or RealTime Worlds went to do their own thing.

This isn't about some "larger conversation" as you put it. It seems like this is just your lousy attempt at validating a conclusion you want to be true.

Why o why1804d ago

Thank you sir.....I feel I need to say nothing more than 'this'

miyamoto1805d ago

Anyone who takes M$ bloated American PR grandstanding seriously as fact should do his homework, dig research that company's history and character more deeply. seek it out. its a thrilling great adventure and the truth will set you free.

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