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Ted Price: "The Future of Resistance is Unclear," Fall of Man "Was the Most Stressful Game to Make"

It seems like just yesterday that there was an IAmA for a big name in the gaming industry, and today, Ted Price, Founder and CEO of Insomniac Games, who have Fuse coming out this month, was the latest to be asked anything.
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TrendyGamers  +   931d ago
I definitely wouldn't complain if Insomniac made another Resistance and Ratchet for PS4.
doctorstrange  +   931d ago
Or both. In the same game.
TrendyGamers  +   931d ago
Resistance & Clank: Fall of Going Commando.
Omar91  +   931d ago
Going commando in the fall ;)
IcyEyes  +   931d ago
Resistance 3 for me was a blast. I totally love the co-op campaign, with a very awesome level design and I enjoy a lot the multiplayer too.

I really hope to play a new Resistance on Ps4.
shivvy24  +   931d ago
Resistance : Fall of Lombax
GT67  +   931d ago
fall of man in time/ ratchet Going resistance.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   931d ago
"Both. In the same game"

Terrible. I would never want both in the same game and I"m a huge fan of both franchises.
EeJLP-  +   931d ago
The future of Resistance is "Resistance: The Angry Night" prequel set in Russia and eastern Europe and based on the Fall of Man gameplay formula.

"Brotherhood, strength, and fortitude in the face of the Angry Night."
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abzdine  +   930d ago
"And for everyone hoping he’s spill the beans of a new entry into the Ratchet & Clank series, all he said on the topic of a new R&C was, “I can’t say .”

This is ALL i needed to hear!!!
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   931d ago
Resistance no complaints. Ratchet and frank on the other hand is very lame.
TrendyGamers  +   931d ago
"Ratchet and frank on the other hand is very lame."

Was that where Frankie Muniz replaced Clank?
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princejb134  +   931d ago
i actually think quiet opposite
i enjoyed ratchet and clank more than resistance
RustedMan  +   930d ago
I think you were thinking of robot and frank.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   931d ago
Resistance 3 was a man's favorite FPS of all time. The weapons and the upgrading of them put it a step above Half-Life 2. A man also loved the storytelling with its excellent pacing and downright creepy mine level punctuating the highs such as the train assault and impossible attack on the tower. A man loved all the Ratchets before A4O as it is his favorite series of all time with A Crack in Time just nudging out Up Your Arsenal as his favorite game of all time. A man would love for them to get an awesome ACiT esque game out in time for the movie and a Resistance with 3's type of story, but 2's co-op added in. This is why a man kinda hopes Fuse fails so they don't get distracted making that.
Blastoise  +   931d ago
Resistance 3 was epic, the story could have been better and the ending was a little lame but it gets the things that matter most in an FPS right.

The graphics were great, environments were varied, the enemies were awesome and the 12 or so weapons you could carry were badass
SilentNegotiator  +   931d ago
I wouldn't complain if a different developer was given a crack at Resistance.
FITgamer  +   930d ago
I like the Resistance series it was the first game i bought for PS3, 2 not so much, but they recovered it with 3. I hope they make another one.
Syntax-Error  +   930d ago
C'mon now, you fools didnt buy the first 3 so why would they do that? They canceled it for a reason. Honestly, with all the exclusives the Sony fanboys rave about, why is it they never support them? MS may have fewer exclusives, but at least they support the ones they do have. There's no Sony exclusive that was knocked out the ballpark. NOT ONE. Check the sales stats. The highest selling exclusives were MGS4(5.7) and Uncharted 2(6.1) and that's it. Halo 3 beat them both combined. Halo 4 did 8M and it came out 6 months ago. Funny how people like to throw stones and hate seeing the facts. Resistance did 4 million and part two did only 2 million. Three was so bad it did 1 million. WHY WOULD THEY MAKE ANOTHER?! You guys are complete clowns
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AdmiralSnake  +   930d ago
Because fans want another one ?
soniqstylz  +   930d ago
Gran Turismo 5 is at around 9 million.

God of War III is over 5 million.
moegooner88  +   930d ago
Gran Turismo 5 topped 9 million past November, funny how you conveniently left it out, if you are gonna troll, at least do it right.
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Tontus  +   930d ago
I don't know why people say shit like this and completely ignore GT5 (sold over 9 million) and God of War 3 (sold 5.2 million May 2012, over 6 million now). Ignore two genre defining franchises that are Sony's best sellers and claim most Sony exclusives don't sell well? Good logic there.

The only 2 huge franchises exclusive to Xbox is Gears of War and Halo. GT series is almost as big as Halo. God of War is as big or bigger than Gears of War. Uncharted is bigger than Fable. Infamous is bigger than Crackdown. Then you have Heavy Rain (sold over 2 million), Killzone 2 & 3 (sold 2.5-3 million), Resistance series (1 sold 4m, 2 sold 2.5m, 3 sold 1.5 million), Motorstorm (sold 3.5 million), MGS4 (sold almost 6 million), all the Ratchet and Clank games are million+ sellers, Heavenly Sword (sold almost 2 million). Hell, even the God of War HD collection sold over 3 million, Sony exclusives don't sell? lol.

If you add up all of Sony's exclusives sales this generation and compare them to Microsoft's xbox exclusives I bet they'll be ahead significantly.

So who are you calling clowns? ;) And maybe you don't know this but Vgchartz's data is just estimates so don't share them as fact.

After the fantastic Resistance 3 I'd love a next generation Resistance game.
NYC_Gamer  +   931d ago
Resistance would have to start all over with a different story and characters
Root  +   931d ago
I wouldn't mind if they did an alternative timeline with Nathan Hale but call it "Resistance Fall of Man 2"...give some character development to him and create a true sequel to Resistance.

Least then they won't have to think of some silly plot to bring the Chimera back
Jaqen_Hghar  +   931d ago
did a user get to the end of 3? A man doesn't recall even seeing a true Chimera let alone killing all of them. 3 is the best in the series and a man's favorite FPS of all time with its upgrading and creative weapons along with its allowing of true health and no weapon limit just like 1. A man would also like the co-op in 2 to make a return as it was easily that game's standout mode.
dbjj12088  +   931d ago
Launch game, makes sense it was the most stressful.
farhsa2008  +   931d ago
God I love this series. Still play R3 all the time
Jaqen_Hghar  +   931d ago
A man's favorite FPS of all time. A man loves how it didn't follow any Halo and COD conventions by letting a player have as many weapons as he wanted and not regenerating health. These things make the user have to think a little more and create some more tension. A man also thinks it had the best and most creative weapons in an FPS and upgrading just made them that much better.
Blastoise  +   931d ago
A man loves freezing chimera with ice weapons and shooting grims in the face with fire shotguns!

Resistance 3 was so much fun...
Imalwaysright  +   930d ago
Compared to RFoM, R3 online is as generic as it can get. Also R3 did
follow some CoD conventions.

BTW I order you to kill Jaqen Hghar.
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Omar91  +   931d ago
It was the most stressful, but the best resistance to date. I wouldn't mind if Insomniac went back to their roots.
Remake fall of man on ps4 with bigger boss battles, refined weapon wheel etc.
TheFallenAngel  +   931d ago
That's what we need a true sequel to Fall of Man. that's the best FPS I have ever played.
NastyLeftHook0  +   931d ago
resistance 1 rocked, 2 was ok, 3 was real good
r21  +   931d ago
R3 was really good, the atmosphere, the gameplay, the weapons. All great :D
voice_of_ reason  +   931d ago
Or, just like with RFoM, create a new IP. Less expectations of a sequel and you have a blank canvas--which for a creatively talented dev like Insomniac, should be a welcomed challenge. What made RFoM so fun, to me, was the balance of solid multiplayer and single player... that, coupled with a unique universe and a very underrated physics engine (upon it's release, relative to previous shooters, it was phenomenal) made for great gaming experience.
KingofGambling  +   931d ago
When Ted Price and Insomniac said that Resistance 3 was the end for them in the series, I interpreted that they are done with the Resistance series on the PS3, they will continue with the Resistance series on the PS4. So let's hope Sony would talk to Insomniac for R4 after Fuse.
TheOneEyedHound  +   931d ago
Fall of Man's Multiplayer was the best by far.
Salooh  +   931d ago
Resistance 1 , rainbow six vegas and Cod4 are really great games. Because of them i learned how to play all the other games. Now i play any game in day one like if i played it for years just because of these 3 games. True masterpieces to me
Campy da Camper  +   931d ago
Rainbow 6 Vegas was the best mp I have ever played. Server hosting, level design, gunplay and team work were second to none.
Salooh  +   931d ago
I really miss it T_T

I searched google 2 weeks ago if the servers are still online but i don't see anyone answering that question. So i'm not buying again until i'm sure of it. I wanna see if it's as good as before or not :). It gives me great memories. It reminds me of the time before the revolution started, imagine what i'm feeling right now T_T..
dcortz2027  +   930d ago
Right on bro, same here.
refocusedman  +   931d ago
I thought resistance was a great series, although it did have its ups and downs. Its a shame the 3rd one didnt sell very well. Aliens colonel marines I believe may have moved more units the R3. ( I know aliens is multiplatform but it still shouldnt sell more than resistance)
TheOneEyedHound  +   931d ago
ooo how I miss FoM MP.

The Clan System was well organized.

The Maps if you were in a 8 player game it was smaller, if you were 16player game it was medium, a 34 player game Big as F!

Everybody respected you if you were in a good clan, nobody could F with you.

You couldn't leave once you found a match and if you turned off the system it would suspend you for a while and give you a quit next to your stats, The legit clans looked at your quits, your KD and Medals.

The way you would unlock skins, metals and dress your player was such a joy.

They took the CoD route in RES2 and 3
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Omar91  +   931d ago
You reminded me of all the great times I had with my clan.
:') thanks
Chapter11  +   931d ago
Enough of the generic shooters please, go back to being fun and original Insomniac!
Grimicyn  +   931d ago
I would be down for a reboot. I enjoyed the first one but not the second as much. The series definitely needs more character development. As for Fuse, I didn't finish the demo, lost interest.

I still love the R & C series though!
cyberninja  +   931d ago
R:fom was my fav fps of all of time. R2 was good, and R3 while it was a good game destroyed all the build up from first two games, therefore it's my least favorite resistance game.
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strickers  +   930d ago
2 was utter shite( single player). 1 was good and 3 was excellent . 2 was up there with Perfect Dark 360 game . Bloody awful and I couldn't be bothered to finish it. 2 is probably the reason 3 didn't sell. However , co op in 2 was a lot of fun as aside to the terrible single player.
hesido  +   930d ago
I agree that 2 killed 3.
Wedge19  +   931d ago
I would love to see either title from them.
InTheZoneAC  +   931d ago
R1 was fun, story was fun, but the online was just ok. Kill animations, hit detection, weapon damage, health, all of it was out of whack.

R2, story was solid, online was even worse as they dumbed down the grahpics and hit detection/animation was worse than the first

r3, ok story, bland online yet again

those who thought the online portion of resistance was any good I seriously wondered if you have played any, and I do mean any other decent shooter on the market

And I do wish they'd make another "normal" r&c game
StreetsofRage  +   931d ago
Resistance is my favorite franchise on my ps3. The unique weaponry gives the game originality. I would love to see it for next gen.
InTheLab  +   931d ago
Fall of Man is still the best in the series. I wonder why the dropped vehicle combat??? I really did enjoy the single player of R3 but the multiplayer was a throwaway compared to R2.

Would love to see another Resistance.

What ever happen to Grayson from the PSP Resistance? He's a shoot load better than that firefighter from the PSV game.
Jek_Porkins  +   931d ago
I put a ton of time in Fall Of Man online when the PS3 released, it was a lot of fun, Resistance 2 was a letdown, but Resistance 3 was an amazing shooter with a ton of personality, the problem is that the community never really took off like the first Resistance.

I'd be open to another in the series if it was done the same way the last game was done.
shivvy24  +   931d ago
they should make a new resistance with a new protagonist and i reckon they should have it it Australia! australia was the last safe haven so theres an idea
pop-voxuli  +   931d ago
Yeah, it was also one of your best. Think about that.
GABRIEL1030  +   931d ago
Resistance needs to focus in new enemies, story and ambiented in the future. Resistance 2 and 3 were amazing games but both have enviroments and scenarios that look old and outdated in comparison with Halo, COD, Battlefield, Far Cry or Killzone.
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MrBeatdown  +   931d ago
I've had my fill of Resistance in it's current form.

I'd rather see them turn the series into a survival horror game. Something a little more along the lines of the gameplay in Last of Us, but first person, and with a darker tone. Kind of like Condemned with chimera.
Soldierone  +   931d ago
RFOM also "saved" the PS3. That was literally ALL I played almost the entire time till COD4 came out..... Do it again, and don't try to mimic COD this time.
TheFallenAngel  +   931d ago
Agreed. Fall of Man was way better than any other shooter out there by far until COD4 came out. Fall of Man was the killer app for the PS3 and Sony didn't capitalized on it. then insomniac murdered it with Resistance 2.
Drainage  +   931d ago
same but not with the COD. I played it for the first few months and was laughing at the "ps3 had no games" thing while i was enjoying every second of RFOM
arbitor365  +   931d ago
resistance 3 and the whole "cloven" thing really hints at a larger universe that needs to be tapped into. i want to see them go crazy with the series
ajax17  +   931d ago
Still no trophies? Seriously, how hard is it to make up a list of trophies? I mean really, is it that time consuming or what?
fsfsxii  +   931d ago
I think so, they have to make sure that every trophy works, multiple times.
CanadianTurtle  +   931d ago
Comment removed due to glitch *
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ginsunuva  +   931d ago
R1 was AMAZINGLY AWESOME and unique, while the others were good in their own ways but had nothing to do with the first and became more generic.
ipe  +   931d ago
R3 is among the best fps gamed this gen, campaign is pure art.

Along kz2 and bad company 2 best best fps on ps3 for me at leadt
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