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Insomniac CEO Comments on Wii U, PS4, Xbox 720

IGN:- Insomniac CEO Ted Price has commented on next-gen consoles but says he considers Wii U “current gen. (Ted Price, Wii U)

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Zuperman  +   934d ago
duh lol.
LOL_WUT  +   934d ago
Oh snap the faithfuls got exposed again! ;)
ShinMaster  +   934d ago
It's the Wii's successor and the next generation of systems from Nintendo, BUT it's not next-gen tech. Just look at the games. They're at the same level as PS3/360, with maybe a bit more polish. It's like the difference between Wii and PS2.

I think certain poeple were secretly hoping that the PS4 and new Xbox were gonna be weaker than what they actually are so that the Wii U wouldn't be left behind.

The Wii U is competing with the PS3 and 360, which is why it's doing bad.
It is NOT the first of next-gen systems to be released. .
It's the LAST of the current-gen systems to be released.
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abzdine  +   934d ago
in terms of hardware power Wii U has nothing of next gen because that horsepower is more or less what we have on PS3 and if we look at console life cycle Wii U is next gen because it came years after Wii's lifecycle. Actually, Wii is a Gamecube1.5 in theory but to make every Nintendo fan happy Wii U is next gen. End of story
linkofrs  +   934d ago
I still can't see why everyone is so ignorant around here. The wii u has around 1.5-2x the potential of these past generation consoles and nobody even knows what 50% of its graphics card even does. Its also amazing that people are judging this system based on its ports of last generation software. I guess we'll just have to wait for e3 and for nintendo to show the software they've been developing before people actually realize this.
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BattleAxe  +   934d ago
" I guess we'll just have to wait for e3 and for nintendo to show the software they've been developing before people actually realize this"

You Nintendo people just don't get it. Nintendo isn't having a major E3 press conference because they've got nothing to show. Its time for some of you people to pull your head out of your ass.
comment  +   933d ago
''Its time for some of you people to pull your head out of your ass''

How about you get your's out first...they said they got games to show at E3....
showtimefolks  +   934d ago
See what people don't get is we know in terms of gens yes wiiu is next gen but wii was so last-last gen that I'm gamers eyes and in development community wiiu is basically on par with current systems

Nintendo already can't get support so when ps4 and next Xbox comes out why would they want to port their games when Nintendo systems(home consoles)have long history of not being able to sell 3rd party games

This is how it works straight out:

Gaming media grew up with Nintendo so nothing Nintendo does can even mean anything bad, oh yeh so happy wiiu is HD so now we get to play Nintendo exclusives in HD while ms and Sony did that 7-8 years ago

Also ms better not make another gears game but guess what I will buy a wiiu when next Mario comes out, hypocrisy at it finest

Nintendo can make the same games over and over while ms and Sony cant make 3-4 games in one series before being labelled milking the franchise, I am so glad Nintendo is struggling and I hope they struggle throughout, they go on their own pace without caring what people actually want and should learn the hard way what consumers want

And last but not least this is how gamers are now a days Nintendo wise:

Any publisher or developer showing support: you see wiiu is being support and this publisher or that developer is awesome

If a publisher or developer says something negative: oh Nintendo survived without your support before and that developer isn't even A-list so who want their games

After E3 when a casual gamer walks into any store and asks what's new what you think the rep will suggest to that consumer? Wiiu or actually new systems with established online stores and community

Nintendo thought wiiu would sell it self like wii did but wii was once in a life time kid of thing, Nintendo tried selling wiiu with a gimmick too and it didn't pan out

Gamepad was suppose to target the mobile audience but instead they got nothing

HD meant core gamers would support wiiu and we got no games so no support

Now back track and struggle for next few years, that's what you get with bad planning
CEOSteveBallmer  +   934d ago
Yes, Wii-U is next gen but hardware-wise, its still on par with PS3 and 360. Its just slightly powerful than the two but they are still on the same Graphics level. Common sense tells us. They ported batman arkham city and mass effect 3 and its still the same graphics with the two. That's why I never believed what satoru iwata said that wii-u is underpowered. Well its not underpowered when we are talking about "Current" gen. But its underpowered when compared to PS4 and 720. Its like the Wii has the same graphics level as an xbox and PS2. Nintendo should just accept they are One gen behind. graphics-wise not gameplay-wise
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extermin8or  +   934d ago
@Showtimefolks, Fully agree with you although I will say that developers and publishers wise they don't have to abandon it completely at this stage, it could've sold a lot better-to it's target market which I don't think is really xbox or ps3 owners if publishers had given it the support Ubiisoft gave it at launch. And if they aren't going to support it at least not support it for the correct reason-buisness and low instal base etc not for say EA's main reason for dropping and infact blocking developers that wanted to support it supporting it (crytek and crysis 3)-their little fued with Nintendo over the Origin service... Because for the next year or two anyway alot of games will be cross generation- and will be scalable if the developer wished to put the effort in because they considered it worth the time and money. Anyway I'm waiting for my PS4 personally- here's hoping it's released in Europe this year....
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   933d ago

Acording to Latin America head of SCEA, in a Q&A session after the Brazillian Conference (held some days ago) it will be releasin' in Brazil "same day as the rest of the globe", he even made a comparison with being available at the same day in New York and São Paulo. Considering he said "globe" and that Brazil is not the biggest market, I assume it will be worldwide release for everyone.
Around 43:30 or a bit after (most of the conference is in english by the way).
GT67  +   934d ago
at the tone please leave a message.

Mr. Price just give us a damn decent RATCHET AN CLANK game plz!!! no more "all 4 one" "full frontal assault" crap.

that is all Beep!
extermin8or  +   934d ago
Oi oi Full Frontal assualt or Q Force as it's known here is actually a very good game-I just wish it was like a small part/multiplayer section of a big, singleplayer Ratchet and Clank game :p
boybato  +   934d ago
ohhhh shit.... here we go again.
SonyNGP  +   934d ago
Slow news day huh?
ShinMaster  +   934d ago
Didn't like it, huh?
NYC_Gamer  +   934d ago
Wii U is current gen in terms of hardware specs
M-M  +   934d ago
It's next generation in terms of coming after another generation, just to add on. Some people still can't see the difference between the two.
Persistantthug  +   934d ago
@Cooguy1212....I don't think it matters bro.....because as they say:
"Perception is reality."

You and anyone else can tell us it's "next gen" until they're blue in the face,
But if everyone believes it's "current gen" and not worth the price of admission, then that's all that will be remembered of the Wii U.

Perception is reality.
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Ju  +   934d ago
Doesn't matter. Devs started engines for that generation 5 years ago, and they are not starting all over again - which they'd have to to push the WiiU - just to get on the same level of PS360. With the next gen around the corner it's hard to justify this investment.
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7uff1  +   934d ago
Of course it is, it's already out, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii are last gen. Wii U, PS4 and "Xbox Infinity" are current gen.
M-M  +   934d ago
You can't say that the PS4 and the next Xbox are current generation, and that its predecessors are last generation because they aren't even out yet. You can say the Wii U is current generation and that the Wii is last generation, but only if you're looking at Nintendo and nothing else at this time.
7uff1  +   934d ago
@Cooguy1212 I meant they're classified in the same generation, the 8th gen. But yeah, you're right
lilbroRx  +   934d ago
I guess achieving twice performance at less than 1/5 the power consumption with technology that did not exist until 2008-2010 is the same as being on par with you.
mercyme   934d ago | Spam
Baka-akaB  +   934d ago
There hasnt been a single game achieving twice the performance , at least for now , so your argument is kinda moot .

Maye there will be , i'm sure from nintendo studios , but right now , all we have are a bunch of titles close to ps3/360 , some performing a bit worse , some other a bit better , and most identically .

The most impressive title i've seen so far was the next Xenoblade , and it's probably far away .
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Salooh  +   934d ago
Let's make this clear again.

People buy next generation to play something new and exciting not just better version of current generation console games That's why i don't consider Wii u a next generation(Console) but it is a next generation to the wii if that will make nintendo fans happy.
danitanzo  +   934d ago
That's why it is next gen though?... There will be better games than on the wii...
Mottsy  +   934d ago
Yes, exactly! For Nintendo fans it is next generation. I mean look at the specs of the Wii compared to the generation it was up against. PS3/360. But the Nintendo path isn't about raw power. They answered fans with HD because that was what fans were saying. Well here is HD, Fans wanted a affordable next system, they got that too. I don't ever recall fans saying we want a more powerful system then the PS4 or Nextbox cause lets face it, did we really expect the next Nintendo to be some powerhouse of a system. This company has a very nice profit off its casual and recycled (although some our quite fun) 1st party games. But at N4G its all aboard the hate train for every console besides the holy grail which is Playstation.
extermin8or  +   934d ago
@danitanzo: yes but those games that are better than the wii games- many of us have been playing on the ps3/xbox360 for some 7 years now.... So therefore all those consumers over 70 million gamers- the greater proportion of the hardcore market that buy many games, instead of just one or two casual titles- already have had those experiences and are looking for the next step up. Some PC gamers might buy a console for the exclusives on offer too- but if they have a bar they expect to be matched or broken by games, in order to persuade them to purchase the console-I can't see the wii u cutting it unless ofc they are after mario and zelda etc then yeah ofc wii u is the place to go-but most people just don't seem that bothered anymore.
Prodigy-X  +   934d ago
OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Snap!!!!!!!!!!

but in all seriousness what is with all these developers not supporting Wii U.
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PirateThom  +   934d ago | Well said
Developers asked for one thing from next gen consoles. More power. Nintendo, rather than delivering it, gave developers a controller they never asked for and a system that is just barely better than current gen. Marketing confusion and Nintendo's lack of support have led to low sales and, as such, there's no incentive to develop for it.
Root  +   934d ago
....and we have a winner

Someone gets it
MNGamer-N  +   934d ago
I have to agree. This is why it's OK to own a PS4, along with a Wii U. You'll get everything. Nintendo, it seems their focus is not specs, but offering different ways to play. I think this is OK, as long as they are able to make money. It remains to be seen if the approach will work twice.
Relientk77  +   934d ago
Interesting words Ted Price, but I am more interested in seeing what game(s) Insomniac are working on after Fuse
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KingofGambling  +   934d ago
Hey, maybe Resistance 4 on the PS4.
Silly gameAr  +   934d ago
I wish.
Qrphe  +   934d ago
We're still going to argue about this? By now we ALL already have an idea of the power the Wii U will offer and arguing won't change anyone's mind.
from the beach  +   934d ago
It's part of the same gen as PS4 and Xbox 720, hopefully Insomniac will be too, after Fuse.
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Omar91  +   934d ago
current gen is where insomniac is gonna stay if they don't make something appealing soon.
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lilbroRx  +   934d ago
I thought Sony owned Insomniac.
silkylove  +   934d ago
Technically they're "independent" but the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance IPs are owned by Sony, and that's pretty much the only thing of note that Insomniac's done.
fsfsxii  +   934d ago
Spyro dragon??
Not the gaylanders thing
Minato-Namikaze  +   934d ago
silkylove  +   934d ago
I don't consider Spyro to be "of note." But that's just my opinion.
badz149  +   934d ago
Neither Sony nor Insomniac
owns Spyro. it's Activision but Insomniac was indeed the creator
Qrphe  +   931d ago
Spyro and Resistance, they've worked on those are well
ninjagoat  +   934d ago
I just consider WiiU Nintendo and this is where Nintendo are making there mistakes and the current set off fans.

Nintendo has never needed to be a Sony are an Xbox to please there fan base so why start now?.
McScroggz  +   934d ago
The Wii U is technically next gen, but because its specs are basically on par with current gen consoles it's just easier to group it with the Xbox 360 and PS3. Saying the Wii U isn't next gen isn't meant to be derogatory, so let's not freak out because another person said it's not next gen.

Let's not go nuts here.
mercyme   934d ago | Spam
savagelife4  +   934d ago
Wow this is coming from a irrelevant studio who only makes games for Sony platforms. Anybody surprised?
mercyme   934d ago | Spam
Realplaya  +   934d ago
So if the next Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and any other Nintendo IP comes out and lets say they look and play better than the new systems games would we still consider the Wii U less powerful. I think the game that will have people saying wow is the game from retro.
BeZdaBest  +   934d ago
they can come out with great looking games but most people on here wouldnt even give it a sec because MOST people on here are rabib sony fans...

people power can only get you so far... IMO gen 7 was the worst gen ever.. all the shit we have to put up with

.dlc (mainly day one)
.updates(because devs. greenlit a buggy unfinished game
.IN-subscription(season pass--->online pass--->wtf)

too much cons this gen just for graphics...
Salooh  +   934d ago
This is how i see the wii u


It's stuck in middle in specs and games, after 1 or 2 years you will feel what i'm saying right now. It will be limited to one side(gameplay or graphics) if it's gonna try to make a ps4 game level.

Don't count launch games because they are gonna release them in current generation consoles too so they are not using next generation right. It's gonna take some time to see games that will impress us and won't be possible for current generation consoles and then start comparing..
#14.2 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
MEsoJD  +   934d ago
It may have great art and gameplay, but that doesn't technically make it next gen. There are things the hardware just cant do compared to the coming consoles.
BeZdaBest  +   934d ago
people generation is a "time thing not a power thing"

cause if this was really the case nintendo would be in their 6 gen ,while sony is on their fourth gen and micro on the 3 tell me why do they group them all together...

i didnt hear any of this when the wii was up against the ps360.. Why you ask... because the damn thing was sold out for like a year...

all of this is because its not selling... once/if the thing picks up you gonna have alot of people mad because the thing theyve been bashing on might be selling like crack, in the not so distant future..
BeZdaBest  +   934d ago
lol... the ignorance of some people astounds me..
jameson12345  +   934d ago
I don't understand the logic of people calling the Wii U a current gen system. Its not in the same position as the 360 and PS3, who are about to be replaced by their direct successors. The Wii U, PS4 and Xbox 720 or Infinity are the flagships for the big three and their games for the future. This means that they are the next generation systems. This applies both chronologically and features wise, because each one brings new ideas and features that did not exist in the previous generation. If you base generations on just horsepower alone, then the new consoles are already last generation, because there are currently gaming rigs with much more power than any of them
Up_N_U   934d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
kingPoS  +   934d ago
All that talk about game development has left me with one burning question. When are we ever going to see a Ratchet & Clank Future collection?

Tools of Destruction Quest Booty A Crack in Time.

Make that collection happen Inosmniac make it HAPPEN!!!
thesoftware730  +   934d ago
Wii U is 100% a Next Generation system from Nintendo.

When all 3 systems are out they will be competing for market share Wii U/PS4/XBOX 720. It will not be Wii U/XBOX360/PS3.

Please use simple logic here, Tech specs are only one aspect of a system. When a company says the Wii U is current gen, they are not looking at the whole picture. What they are doing is pigeon holing the whole idea of Ram,CPU and GPU to be all thats required to be next gen. The tablet controler along with Miiverse, off screen play and using the controller as a T.V remote are all things that some could consider next gen. When Apple realease a new Iphone and marginally upgrades the specs its still considered the next gen of Iphones because of a variety of upgrades, not just CPU and Ram and such. Some people need to stop acting like they think nintendo will go out of buisness because they will not, neither will sony or microsoft. As a matter of fact I can garuntee nintendo will make money off the Wii U and provide some very memorable games with the highest game review scores.
#19 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
arbitor365  +   934d ago
the guy was polite about it. he is just stating facts.

and im just laughing my @$$ off at the people in this comment section saying saying

"hey! its a next gen leap for nintendo!"

seriously? that is the argument you are going with? that is something people have been saying sarcastically to MOCK the wii u. it's really a condescending statement. like this

nintendo fanboys want to play semantics in order to rationalize in their heads the fact that nintendo has released another horribly underpowered system.
brewin  +   934d ago
Hmm... So a guy who has never worked on a Nintendo console has the balls to say anything about a Nintendo console? Funny how the Racthet and Spyro games that he made were aimed squarely at Nintendo fans, yet Mr Price wants to run it. Classy guy...
sephx22  +   934d ago
Its always been Nintendos' intention to release a low-spec console and force consumers to buy it releasing their iconic franchises. It's Nintendos' belief or a religion of some sort. And I don't think anyone can make Nintendo convert religions. I expect nintendos' next console to be slightly more powerful than the PS4.
themanaround  +   934d ago
it seems to me that everyone is stuck on what system is the best but i feel their all necessary for the best gaming experience. there will always be games for a particular system thats not on others. sticking to one console will definitely hold u back if u are a try game fan and bashing other consoles won't win your favorite console a medal. if your not financially invested in that company why bother.its not like your geting paid to do so.
MasterCornholio  +   934d ago
"“Wii-U is something I'd consider more current gen - but we're not working on games for it,” "


Another developer who thinks Wii U isnt on par with other next gen consoles.

Seriously Nintendo fans the only reason why people consider Wii U next gen is because its a new Nintendo console. No one thinks Wii U is next gen in terms of graphical capability or online infrastructure.
#24 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
ChickeyCantor  +   934d ago
"Another developer who thinks Wii U isnt on par with other next gen consoles. "

No one disputes that it's not on PAR. Obviously the Ps4/720 have more power to them.

WiiU does implement some new hardware technique, thus claiming it's current gen ( aka ps3/360 ) isn't exactly true. Sure the clocking speed is lower, but looking at Shadow of the Eternals it can easily handle decent looking games.
SkyGamer  +   934d ago
How is it that people think that having laptop specs is considered Nexgen? Especially since the tech has been out for a few years? Who is Sony calling Nintendo weak when the ps3 has a better CPU than ps4? Really?
Drainage  +   934d ago
nintendo is the laughing stock of the gaming industry at this point. good thing that they make smash bros, zelda hype, mario 3d, etc. Theyd be in a better place not killing f-zero and such
#26 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
brave27heart  +   934d ago
I dont care if its next gen, last gen or current gen. Its irrelevant. The fact is Im simply not interested in buying one. After owning almost every Nintendo console and handheld I cant see anything now or in the near future that makes me want one.

Thsts the real issue for m and for many others.
Tatsuya  +   934d ago
I'm not hating on Wii U, but yeah it is current gen and I couldn't care less about the devs bailing on it. But IMO it's a very good console for children. The children console shouldn't hv any mature games that the big boys play.
SonyPS4  +   934d ago
Just because a game looks colorful doesn't mean it's only for kids. Unless you are in your 30s and have been living in your parents' basement your entire life ("big boys" is a HUGE giveaway that this is indeed true for you), you would have known that by now that adult gamers play Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc. Oh and there's Metroid which is a children's game by no means.

Really sick of the stereotype that adult gamers only play sports, shooters, and driving games. I suppose the majority of the N4G world only play these kind of games.
Tatsuya  +   933d ago
Jesus Christ, what are you so butthurt about? I did mention, it is my opinion. The world has spoken, the industry has spoken, more & more devs aren't going to make games for Wii U. I'm just stating the obvious.

Now that you've mention it, I think you're the one who's a 30yr old kid who's still living in the parent's basement coz I am by far from 30. Kids like you always talk crap, I wonder why
TCompton4  +   934d ago
That mentality is more childish than any game on a Nintendo console. "Big Boys" you say? Are these the same big boys that whine about online, or have to play shooters in order to feel grown up while playing with their toys? No matter what content is on a console it's still just a toy. Some of those "kiddy" games are games that no child could actually complete. I don't know a single child in today's world that could have beaten the original Super Mario Bro.s 3, LoZ, or even Donkey Kong Country.
comment  +   933d ago
And Ratchet and Clank is sooo for big boy'z eh?

Its most ironic that they brought mature games on wii u and they have some more but still the so called ""mature hardcore boyz"" cry about it for being a kiddiez console....

They tried to appease ""mature hardcore boyz"" but it seems the hardcore boyz are five years old whining little bitches that they only know one thing...crying.
Rhaigun  +   934d ago
WiiU is just a 360 v1.5. Therefore, it is still current gen. Tech wise.
galtodigi   934d ago | Spam
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