Grand Theft Auto V - Will GTA Come to PlayStation Vita?

IGN - The Beyond boys tell you why Rockstar should but probably won't bring Grand Theft Auto to Sony's handheld.

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imXify1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Yes please please please !

Or a side-story GTA....anything !

Gamesgbkiller1625d ago

If they made 3 PSP games , then why not on VITA ?
I really hope :)

imXify1625d ago

And if AC3 was very profitable for the Vita. So can GTA with ease.

LOGICWINS1625d ago

^^How profitable was AC3? You have numbers?

ReubenPatrick1625d ago

^ 600000 UNITS for an install base of 5 Million is very good.

brodychet1625d ago

I love how you show your excitement with a yes, and people disagree with you.

But the person who responds and agrees (with you) with a little exposition on the topic and he gets agrees.


Salooh1625d ago

He have 2 bubbles so he's wrong ..

Th4Freak1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

@LOGICWINS According to VGChartz AC3: Liberation has sold 661,874 copies thats about $26m (digital sales not included). That looks profitable to me.

LOGICWINS1625d ago

Thanks for the information.

GdaTyler1625d ago

Why do people disagree with you? Do they not want open-world greatness on the most powerful handheld gaming device?

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Cam9771625d ago

They probably will eventually, I mean come on... The PSP had 3 of them so why wouldn't the Vita have at least one? Moreover, the DS had one too.

BigStef711625d ago

I sure hope so and I think it will happen. Rockstar owes Sony.I got thumbed down for saying this which is pretty accurate when someone said 3ds should get one:
"Plus they already tried that for ds with Chinatown Wars which unfortunately flopped pretty hard. I mean if the psp never had the two gta stories games I'm positive the system would have been in the same situation the vita is in now. I say instead of Rockstar making Agent exclusive they make a exclusive for vita. They owe Sony for helping fund LA Noire"

I'm not saying there should never be another gta game on a nintendo handheld but it would be more beneficial for Rockstar to do it on the vita

brewin1625d ago

The Wii U is likely to get a GTA before the Vita. I dont see either happening anytime soon, but I would buy a Vita for this! I mean, the system looks sweet, Ive tried a bunch of demos in stores and such, but I cant justify the price yet in my mind. GTA changes that for me.

GdaTyler1625d ago

The Wii U will get GTA V since it will compete with the other gaming consoles and PC's. We really want an original Vita GTA.

jony_dols1624d ago

Chinatown Wars on the DS sold worse than both GTA Liberty & Vice City Stories on the PSP (despite the DS's much larger install base).

So I wouldn't be so positive that the Wii U will be getting a GTA title. R* knows where their fans are at.

MGRogue20171625d ago

A Grand Theft Auto title for the PS Vita is already in the works, I can assure you.

sherimae24131625d ago

my goodness, why did you spill the beans?!
im pretty sure rockstar's agent will hunt you down for this, ^_^ lol

SandWitch1625d ago

You mean you can assure us because you know it


you mean you can assure us because you guess so

DarkHeroZX1624d ago

You can't be assured if you guess.

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