Red Alert 3 coming this "holiday"

EA has said it is confident that Red Alert 3 will be released this "holiday season".

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, producer Chris Corry lifted the lid on many fresh inclusions in the hotly anticipated game, including the return of super-commando Tanya.

Corry also said there are no plans to offer console owners similar opportunities to join the Red Alert 3 beta test. If you remember, everyone buying imminent C&C3 expansion Kane's Wrath will be given a key.

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LinuxGuru3921d ago

I just tried Command & Conquer 3 a few weeks ago....I can't WAIT to play red alert 3...'s a no brainer on the PS3, what with keyboard and mouse support and all...

I swear, there better be keyboard and mouse support for the PS3 version, with the ability to map keys just like the PC version...