A truly hands-on experience: a review of the Novint Falcon

Ars Technica experiences the Novint Falcon: "In the first demo I touched a ball. I mean, I touched it. The Falcon is a very attractive piece of hardware (bearing a striking resemblance to a turret from Portal, in fact) and one interacts with the games by holding the orb in the front of the unit, attached to the base via three arms. Each arm is connected to a motor that updates its position 1,000 times a second, allowing for some incredibly fine control. Ice feels different than stone. Sand feels different from molasses. I use the orb to move my cursor around the 3D space, and when I hit the virtual sphere on the screen, the controller stops cold. These motors are strong, and provide a very strong sense of physical objects when you interact with them. It's an odd thing to experience, and video certainly helps to get the point across. Using the pistol grip pictured above provides a very real kick from firing a gun."

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