PS4 and Xbox 720: Day One Digital Release Should Become Standard For All Games

Mobile & Apps: "The next generation of consoles is upon us and everyone is either excited or going crazy over unconfirmed rumors. The most important thing about the upcoming generation of consoles is the games and the secondary features these platforms bring to the table. However, there's one thing I want both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 to make standard, and that is to make all titles be available digitally on day one."

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Nafon1652d ago

yes it should. Although driving to a store will always be faster than downloading, especially if you live in rural Iowa lol. Consoles and PCs should both allow you to download most of the game at least a few days before release, and download the rest of the files necessary to start and play the game on release day.

sarcastoid1652d ago

You shouldn't be getting negatives for this in my opinion.

dcbronco1652d ago

Since games will be playable before the download is finished going to the store will not be close to being faster. Even a 25 gig game could be downloaded in 60 minutes or so so going to a store wouldn't much faster.

Nafon1651d ago

I don't mind getting negatives if people reply and discuss why they don't agree, but that doesnt happen a lot of times.

Thantalas1652d ago

This gen has recently seen a move to more full price games being released day and date with disc releases. The PlayStation store like Steam allows you to pre-download the majority of a pre-ordered game so it takes virtually no time to complete the download on release day. But there is still a problem and that is that digital downloads of new games most commonly cost more, this doesn't make any sense. New releases often cost £37 by mail order but can cost £55 on the PS Store - this is crazy!

Both Microsoft and Sony will see a much quicker adoption of digital downloads if they find a method for prices to be competitive

Nafon1651d ago

You can predownload steam games? I preordered FC3 blood dragon and looked for that option the night before release and couldn't find it.

Microsoft's games on demand usually have the game priced at full retail, and if they released the download at the same time as the retail release, it would be the same price. European and Australian games cost loads more than games purchased in america for reasons that no one seems to be able to explain. I can't see them putting sales on games similar to what steam, and sometimes origin, does on a regular basis.

MrMayhem281652d ago

If you can pre download and all games are available at midnight I will never go to the store again

Jek_Porkins1652d ago

Microsoft probably wont do this, they have a lot of relationships with retailers and they wont want to upset that balance at all. That is the whole reason they didn't do that this generation, and why I figured they wouldn't block used games.

I'm not a digital fan, too much can go wrong, but I can see how some might like it, just not me. I'd rather drive, pick up the game I want, come home and play it, not try to download a 20+ gig game for 10+ hours and eat up my 150 gig allotment per month.

iistuii1652d ago

I get 99% of my multiformats on PC either Steam, Origin or Uplay & I've never had to wait long due to my Internet speed. Also I've sooo many games now especially with the steam sales. One downside is once a game is finished with, no resale or trade in, so gotta make sure I'm gonna like it or get it in a sale. As for too much can go wrong, nothing ever has. Games unlock at midnight after Pre downloading, I'd be all for console downloads, but with no box, disk or booklet they should be cheaper...fat chance of that though.

Jek_Porkins1652d ago

Well there are licenses that can expire and things like that. I had around $70 worth of downloaded games on my Wii, my Wii broke, bought a new one, and they wouldn't let me have the games again. So it ended up being a waste.

I only have a 150 gig cap on my internet, if I go over 3 times they terminate my service and are the only ones in this area. I get pretty close to my cap just with a download here or there and Netflix.

Digital will never be cheaper as long as they are available at retail because they wont want to piss off the retailers.

I own around 250 Xbox 360 games on physical disc, and I've always just been a fan of buying games that way, I love being around gamer's at midnight in line to buy a great game, nothing quite like it.

CommonSenseGamer1652d ago

And they should also be available at a reduced price than buying them on physical media.

sarcastoid1652d ago

THIS. To me, when you buy digital you're basically just buying the right to play that game on that account. Digital should cost considerably less to make up for the fact you don't ACTUALLY own the game and the fact they're saving money on physical production.

Oh_Yeah1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Sony said they were doing this, did they not? Digital is awesome provided you have a decent isp with no data cap.. didn't even know a lot of them had one, yikes I'd never sign up for something like that. There's a lot of benefits to digital - No having to rebuy games if they get lost, stolen, or damaged, no burning out the bluray lense, no more having to switch games in and out they're all there, no wasting gas, saves space and you directly support the devs/Sony, and with the new consoles you'll be able to play while the games still downloading supposedly. I think I'm think I'll be opting for digital so long as they keep up with price drops.

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