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Dark Tonic Games On The "Awesome Potential" Of The Wii U

Nintendo Life: Dark Tonic Games may be a young studio, but it's made up of seasoned developers with plenty of experience under their belts. We can exclusively reveal that Dark Tonic has been approved as a Wii U eShop developer, and we've secured an interview with Creative Director Eric Boosman. (Dark Tonic Games Studio, Wii U)

lilbroRx  +   348d ago
The Wii U will rise to the top before this is all over.
Hicken  +   348d ago
To the top of what? How? With what developer support?

Not saying it's not possible, but it's certainly not automatic at this point. Hell, it isn't even LIKELY right now.

Edit: There two really aren't that similar. You could say they both are or were struggling, but for very different reasons, and with very different obstacles up ahead. For example, the Vita has no new competition entering the market any time soon, while the Wii U DOES. That's a pretty massive difference, all by itself.

By all means, try and portray me as slamming Nintendo, when my comments about the Wii U CLEARLY show something different. I've been saying for MONTHS to give it time, that it wasn't doomed, and so on. And while that's been going on, Nintendo has been doing silly things like passing up on big opportunities to market the Wii U.

You should REALLY get your facts straight if you're gonna try and paint somebody a certain way.
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lilbroRx  +   348d ago
"To the top of what?"
The sales charts

"With what developer support?"
The good ones.

Nintendo is still showing momentum. The console is do to pick up steam come July.
bullymangLer  +   348d ago
alls it takes is one game, just 1 game with game-CHANGING gameplay to rise above the rest. just look at Metroid Other M for the wiener wii, poop story, but that game has UNIQUE gameplay mechanics that render all other developers JEALOUS < fact . . not to mention the other wii games that proved the wii to not be a gimmick but a monster.

the wiiU is from nintendo = domination is on its way < fact

all fanboys who read this, truth hurts huh
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BattleAxe  +   348d ago
"The Wii U will rise to the top before this is all over"

lol Keep dreaming!
maniacmayhem  +   348d ago

Love your clear train of thought and obvious statements with the CURRENT plight of the WiiU. Where was this when the Vita was getting the same type of press and stories from devs and journalists.

Nope all we heard from you was "media is biased", "Give the Vita year" and just plain insults to any N4G member who said the exact same thing you are saying about the WiiU.
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stuna1  +   348d ago
It will rise to the top of the trash heap! What's killing me is that most know this, but yet are unwilling to accept facts! People act like Nintendo is infallible, that they can do no wrong, but the truth is that Nintendo f up! By taking their fan base for idiots.

The same has been said about Sony and Microsoft, but in my opinion, Nintendo took the cake by releasing something that should have been on its way out, instead of on its way in! Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves, but the sad truth is the die-hard are already preparing to run to their defense. Same old tired franchises, same old tired gimmicks! But they are the "INNOVATORS" please!

While Sony was trying to help them to move forward with a new media format, they were to stubborn to graciously accept, instead opting to stay with the cartridge. Sure they came up with the single analogue stick and just because Sony came up with the idea of adding a second analogue stick, yes you guessed it Sony stole their ideal! When in truth Sony made their idea obsolete, because it became the new standard.

So those who keep saying they are "INNOVATORS"! Realize the only innovation that's going on with Nintendo is the fact that they keep coming up innovative ways of selling people the same old crap that they've been selling for years.
maniacmayhem  +   347d ago

love the way you are so full of crap. I wish I had time to go into you past comments and dig up all the posts you made slamming people who made the same observation about the Vita you make about the WiiU. Of course you didn't actually deny that you did so ...

"the Vita has no new competition entering the market any time soon, while the Wii U DOES."

As much as you are delusional and would never want to acknowledge this, but the Vita is competing and has been with other mobile devices, such as smartphones and even tablets. Lets not forget the 3DS, its main competitor.

Again, the main point was you did not want ANYONE to post in a Vita article that the Vita was struggling out the gate. You slammed anyone who said the Vita was up against fierce competition and anyone who suggested a price cut or more software. You refused to even think that the Vita was in trouble.

No need to paint any other type of picture of a person like you Hicken. It is truly black and white with you.
jcnba28  +   348d ago | Intelligent
So when a developer has good stuff to say about the Wii U the article gets barely any hits but when a developer says bad things about the Wii U it goes straight to the top of N4G...riiiight
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   348d ago
You take that back!

Take Back your Wise, Astute, and "Intelligent" observations of what usually happens!

You take your words back or I will be forced to give you a "Bubble" for being "Intelligent".

No, I think I will give you a Bubble vote anyway, how do you like that? Now everybody knows you are "Intelligent".

;) (I'm joking, you are right. "Intelligent" to you sir.)
McScroggz  +   348d ago
To be fair, Dark Tonic Games is a new studio making eShop games. Don't get me wrong, there's truth to the notion of negative stories getting more publicity than positive ones, but there's a difference between a major studio and a new, small one.

Now, not to be cynical here but there is a reason there has been many more negative articles about the Wii U than positive ones :/
Myze  +   348d ago
PS4 is an unreleased console, Wii U is already out. That's all that needs to be said. An unreleased system is gonna get more hype.
PygmelionHunter  +   348d ago
Let's not fool ourselves though. The PS4 would get more hype on N4G even if it had the graphic capabilities of an Atari 2600... By the way, why are we talking about the PS4 all of a sudden?
Jek_Porkins  +   348d ago
The main thing is that people misconstrue what a developer says in regards to the Wii U, like the other day when a developer said their Wii U dev kits were collecting dust, it wasn't because the Wii U lacks power or isn't interesting, it was because the install base wasn't large enough to take the risk at this time.

We've heard plenty of good things about the Wii U, and I shouldn't have to remind everyone that the PS3 struggled with developers in the beginning as well, not saying it's the exact same situation, but I wouldn't count out the Wii U or Nintendo anytime soon.
MontyQ  +   348d ago
to the top of the bargin bin ?
Realplaya  +   348d ago
I think that Nintendo chose the right path. If you have the heart of a champion you have to take your punches but you have to strike when the timing is right. Developers now a days are so scared to try something different on any system because there afraid that their games wont have mass appeal. The funny thing is while these big house development companies are losing money a lot of indie developers are thriving because there making old school games that are different and it's paying off. The best part is there doing it on budgets in the range of $20,000 maybe less a little more range.

Everyone is talking about the PS4 and the Xbox and rightfully they should as a rule of thumb it's entertainment But one thing we don't know is what will happen at Christmas when there going to reveal there first HD game developed around the system.

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