The 5 Biggest WTF Moments in BioShock

In the Summer of 2007, a little game by the name of BioShock came along and shook the very foundation of what the community expected from first-person shooters.

The series immediately set a standard for storytelling in a video game and redefined what the community would come to expect from story-driven singleplayer games.

From those opening moments this franchise has given rise to some of the most iconic and mind-blowing moments this industry has seen in the last decade, including...

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crazypenguin081624d ago

That moment with Sander Cohen had me tripping balls

rasputiny1624d ago

Dat shotgun scene. I lost it when the lights went out.

ahamling271624d ago

It seems like the original holds the most WTF moments. It sure was a fine game for it's time. :)

cpayne931624d ago

It's not a fine game anymore? Bioshock is awesome, only just recently played it and I thought it was incredible. One of the best shooters I've ever played.

Irishguy951623d ago

It will always be one of those unique shooters

KillrateOmega1623d ago

The entire Sander Cohen section of the game was creepy as sh*t.

IaMs121623d ago

Loved BioShock, almost everything about it was amazing. Atmosphere, story, and gameplay. Ken Levine is one of my favorites. Hope to see more games out there that one day give the unique feel that BioShock gives, especially the first time playing it.

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