First ever democracy in a virtual world, future of MMOs

CCP, publisher of the second largest massively multiplayer online role playing game in the U.S. and Europe, EVE Online, made an announcement today that may change the future of how we play MMOs. They have announced the formation of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), a democratically governing within their online world, and the first ever of its kind.

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Tempist3922d ago

Quite the interesting step for a MMO to be taking. Are they really becoming that large that they require a governing body to run the functions of the game?

DethWish3922d ago

Actually players themselves made the democracy :p
CCP has given players the control of nearly the whole universe of EVE, in which you can do almost whatever you want.

JoelR3922d ago

Hmmm SWG orginally has Correspondents and now has senators that act as partial influencers in the direction of the game...
otoh they were overrulled when the swg rebuild was made so not quite to the same level of power.

toughNAME3922d ago

I think Halo 3 has this game beat