Soul Sacrifice: A Sacrificial Q&A With Keiji Inafune

In Soul Sacrifice, you can unleash a breadth of special attacks and abilities by sacrificing various Offerings. Exclusively for the PS.Blog community, we’ve listed four vouchers below, which can be redeemed to obtain otherwise inaccessible Offerings (you can’t get them any other way).

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xHeavYx1778d ago

The website also lists free DLC codes

illtornworld1777d ago

I just hope they dont expire, i gave my vita to my brother and im hoping i get the 3G model.

xHeavYx1775d ago

Do you have a PS3? You can download the codes there until you get your new Vita

illtornworld1775d ago

Sadly theres no dsl at my residence i have to go to the post office, and use bros vitam! its saddening