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Soul Sacrifice: Chaos Vs Holy- Which Side Will You Choose


Part One: The Holy Path

For the uninitiated, Soul Sacrifice is an action-tacular co-op demon smiter. A Monster Hunter-esque combat experience, if you will, with copious quantities of creepy and the macabre thrust into our eager eyeballs at every opportunity. If that’s not an effective sales pitch, I can’t imagine what is. (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice)

murdock55  +   843d ago
this game has one of the most deepest darkest tragidy story i have read/heard. basicly its about love if you think about it. protecting the one you care for the most willing to sacrifice your self in order to let one live. (thats the vibe im picking up from it)
SirBradders  +   843d ago
And sacrificing the world in the process
r21  +   843d ago
Agreed, this game has given too much feels.
ThanatosDMC  +   839d ago
Worth more than the $35 i used to buy the game. Really well done handheld game.
spok22  +   843d ago
Neutral!!! :D
Hicken  +   843d ago
I'm more of a chaotic good/lawful neutral. How am I both? Not sure, but I am.

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