64 New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Screenshots and Artwork Show Monsters and a Beautiful World

Square Enix published today a large batch of new screenshots and artwork of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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ashiksorel1773d ago

As expected Square Enix puts out top visuals to their games.

Abriael1773d ago

Yep, they really do, and the new lighting engine really looks great. I love how it makes everything looks more crisp, even if I prefer night shots to day ones.

Alexious1773d ago

Yeah, but in the end it's not graphics that can be decisive, especially for a MMORPG which is supposed to last hundreds of hours of play.

Coltrane_C1773d ago

Cant Wait for it to start...Legacy Member. I just need to find Linkshell now.

Toon_Link1772d ago

I got a few old socom And FFXI buddies with all different levels of experience looking to form a shell when the game starts up, it's probably going to be a social shell down to help eachither out with the hopes of potentially forming a endgame group. From what I can tell we have all jobs and crafts to 50 between the members with a few members completely maxed out, so we should have some pretty good resources right away. Im not sure what you're looking for but if you or anyone else interested send me a friend request on N4G and we can make sure we get on the same server.

Lucreto1773d ago

It looks great. The only problem for me is the subscription charge and how they are going to go about it.

If there is a pay as you go option it might work for me.

Abriael1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

That's not a problem. That's what should keep the quality high.

Sh00terMcGavin1773d ago

What if I already bought the game at launch; do I have to buy this also?

Coltrane_C1773d ago

Nope, You own it just have to download the new client

R_aVe_N1773d ago

I really hope its more like XI now than the last version. I enjoyed XI for many years.

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