What Should Microsoft Do At Their Next Xbox Reveal?

One Hit Pixel: "After many years, it seems as if the seventh console generation is finally coming to a proper end; all the cards have nearly been played. Nintendo began things with the Wii U last year, while Sony ushered in the PlayStation 4 name with their press conference earlier this year. Then again, being last to reveal comes with a few advantages. For one, they can’t make the same mistakes that Nintendo made with its post-launch lineup. They also can’t possibly make the same mistake Sony made in their press conference, as Major Nelson famously had a dig at the company’s missing console by tweeting, “Announce a console without actually showing a console? That’s one approach!”

Microsoft’s plans are currently a mystery at the time of writing, but if we were to ask the company for what we would like to see, what would we say? What lessons could they learn not only from their competition, but also their past experience?"

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AngelicIceDiamond1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

1.) Open up the presser with a AAA like Ryse: Ryse has been teased for 3 years its time to see what that games about. MS needs to show some actual gameplay of that game.

2.) Get Cod Ghost out of the way: Show of COD announce you have some partnership with them and kick'em off the stage. And don't bring them back at E3. For 3 years MS has done that its no surprise now.

3.) Tease Alan Wake 2. Maybe with some gameplay.

4. Tease PGR game.

And show off the console showing the brand new UI running Xbox Live as well as show Cod ghost and Ryse being played on it.

As far as games goes, they should should at least tease those I mentioned. And leave Rare, Lion head, Respawn's new game, Black Tusks as well as other surprises at E3.

The rest of the show MS can talk about all the Entertainment media stuff all they want.

They know as that point the fans will want more after showing off those games.

Knight_Crawler1868d ago

Good list I would just add the following:

1. Reveal rumored XBox mini.

2. Live demo of illumi room

3. Demo the awesom power of Kinect 2.

4. Reveal Killer Instincs and a real Banjo game (not Nuts and Bolts 2)...a Kameo 2 and new Viva Pinata would be icing on the cake.

Retroman1868d ago

at lease Microsoft learnt not to come out the gate FIRST with half-ass made console this time around.

FrigidDARKNESS1868d ago

They should have AMD on stage with them and announce a new partnership.
Show off the Xbox Surface Tablet.
Show all the benefits of habing games running on DX 11.5

RuleofOne343 1868d ago

Come out swinging and send the industry, consumer into a OMFG moment that will ROCK the industry foundation.
Cause it to be the only thing the media, gaming sites can talk about no matter what is said by anyone outside this event.

LackTrue4K1868d ago

You have to be more specific then just saying...."come out swinging"

Who knows, Microsoft can come out with a higher price for Live for all we know just cuz they add apps..?!

Jek_Porkins1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

1.Show the specs in a power point style presentation.
2.Announce for sure that there is no DRM
3.Announce that the next Xbox will play used games
4.Show off the OS, the new XBL and those features.
5.Show the new Kinect and what it's capable of
6.Show the actual console, and name the thing.
7.Show some of the entertainment options and features
8.Show SOME games, but save the majority for E3, I want surprises at E3, so show the COD stuff, maybe a little Alan Wake 2, PGR5 or Ryse, but same the big stuff, like Respawns possible exclusive for E3.

We'll get a bit of everything I'm sure, but I just want to see the damn thing and some of the games.

Retroman1868d ago

doing good til you mention COD

Jek_Porkins1867d ago

I've been playing COD since COD2 on the Xbox 360 when it launched. I like the game, lots of people do. I am very interested to see this new engine and game playing on the next Xbox.

My clan plays mostly COD games competitively, each new year brings the new game and we eagerly await that. We play some Gears and Halo as well, but mostly COD, it's the largest game and most competitive. A lot of people are going to be tuning in to see this game, I understand it isn't popular in the vocal minority, but I enjoy the games, and you aren't forced to buy it.

from the beach1868d ago

Show the box, and make a big deal out of it.

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