Will Sony Be Torn Apart by Congressmen For New Ad Campaign?

Siliconera is reporting that they have one of Sony's new ad campaign's for the PS4. If this is legit, Sony may have chosen to go down a very controversial root begging for a ton of hate from those of the 'Video game violence is ruining our children' persuasion.

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Majin-vegeta1810d ago

Congress??Lol that's a clown circus in there.

-"Greatness Awaits"-

SilentNegotiator1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Aren't we jumping the gun deciding that congress will be all over an ad that we don't even know to be real?

fr0sty1809d ago

Let's not forget that "getting away with murder" is an idiom that isn't always used in the literal context of actually getting away with killing someone.

inveni01809d ago

I don't think it's real. There's way too much dialog.

aCasualGamer1809d ago

Dunno, most politicians are nothing but hypocritical capitalist vultures. This doesn't surprise one bit.

Don't understand why politicians have so much power, they do nothing but take money from the people and they love to start unnecessary wars.

showtimefolks1810d ago

i sure hope so, congress and fox news needs to jump on sony and advertise the hell out of them for free lol

imagine if ps4's ad campaign is on national media alert, how much of national advertisement and awareness will sony be getting for free

so yeh stir up the pot lets start something lol

Gh05t1809d ago

If your looking for free advertising why would you want Fox news? Why not every other network so at least it goes out to the majority not the small minority that watch FOX.

As if violence in video games is a conservative platform anyways. I see more Democrats from California and Washington complain more than anyone. (Not that repubs don't because they do just saying majority of this issue is brought up from Democrats.)

Mrmagnumman3571809d ago

Republicans want to take our games and movies, dems want to take our guns. I think they forgot they were supposed to be protecting our rights!

showtimefolks1809d ago


Because CNN is a bit smart but fox will run with any story that's why i said fox

knifefight1809d ago

How does it keep up with the news like that?


DeadlyFire1809d ago

Get rid of Opinion piece articles. This is a news site. Rumors are fine. Opinions are not always valued. Should be optional.....

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xploz1on1810d ago

Hahaha, true that Veggie! ;)

SoapShoes1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Any publicity is good publicity. haha well not ALWAYS true but it could get them more time in the news and more people aware.

However I doubt it will from the sounds of this commercial. Doesn't sound there will be mass hysteria over it.

PulpoTonto1810d ago

Get them in the news saying their console will turn your child into a gun-toting lunatic - go buy one now for Little Timmy's christmas present! Mixed messages maybe? ;P

Mrmagnumman3571809d ago

This is somewhat true. It will put ps4 in the limelight, and of course kids will see the shooting game and find a way to get a ps4 :D

GribbleGrunger1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

This article is spot on in my opinion.

“Who are you to be ordinary? You, who could get away with murder, or raise the dead…”.

Those there words could cost Sony (note the word 'could').

Minato-Namikaze1810d ago

As opposed to saying "can". Some people are just too uptight. Just chillax and mellow out. ( not you specifically)

Myze1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I'm usually not one to be uptight or oversensitive to video game violence/rhetoric. However, from a business standpoint, that line should not be released.

They can come up with something else that would be just as effective, without the unnecessary media attention of alluding to the player as a murderer. They could easily change it to something more about becoming an assassin or spy, where the connotation of the word isn't so readily open to outrage.

It wouldn't even be censorship, because I doubt Sony wants to convey their gamers as murderers, even referring to a game (afterall, it's pretty rare you are just a straight-up cold-blooded murdering bad guy in a game).

mediate-this1810d ago

assassin is the epitome of murder lol

GribbleGrunger1810d ago

I think you're missing his point there fella. He's just pointing out that 'assassins', whilst still related to murder, doesn't relate to any 'control' words currently doing the rounds in the media.

But my personal view is that it shouldn't even be in the ballpark. Yes, this could never happen but why even risk it?

rainslacker1810d ago

It's really all about context. Unfortunately nowadays, you don't need to have things in context for the media to go apesh*t over it.

I'm not terribly oversensitive about these things, but that part about murder is a bit much, and seems like it would be cut if this were real. Just too many bad connotations, and if anything tragic were to happen like Sandy Hook the media would jump all over it like game makers condone that sort of thing.

I agree with Myze though, it's possible to convey a similar message using better words, and quite frankly there were a lot of things in that rumored commercial that don't make great advertising. It seemed to be made to offend as many groups as possible.

NastyLeftHook01810d ago

congressmen are puppets. the 1% rule.

anyways its a cool add.

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