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Submitted by RyuCloudStrife 1009d ago | opinion piece

Five Reasons Why The PS4 Will Dominate The Console Market

The PS4 has been announced and we know enough details about the console to know why it will dominate the next Xbox.

The PS4 is the talk of the gaming world, Microsofts’s silence after the PS4's reveal left many scratching their head. Microsoft finally revealed that it will show the world the next Xbox on May 21st. On this article I will provide irrefutable, factual evidence, as to why the PS4 will dominate the gaming market no matter what Microsoft announces and reveals about the next Xbox. (PS4, Xbox One)

SonyNGP  +   1009d ago
It only needs one reason: It's Playstation.
Dwalls1171  +   1009d ago
Because its being made For Developers...bye bye lazy ports
bullymangLer  +   1009d ago
its 2013 and sony still with split screen?

and no they aint innovating split screen, but IMPROVISING it. but the dual shock 4 controller with its different LED lights is freakin rad.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1009d ago
That's reason #1 in the article.
Majin-vegeta  +   1009d ago

-"Greatness Awaits"-
RIP_Cell  +   1009d ago
neither will dominate
Arai  +   1009d ago
PS4 doesn't need 5 reasons, this is all it needs.

The mood is set and people are more excited about PS4 than they ever were about the PS3.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1009d ago
Not to be a downer, but wasn't everyone bashing this exact same story yesterday when it was five reasons the next Xbox will dominate?

I think it's foolish to think any console will dominate anything, especially this early in the game, no pricing, release date or console has been seen yet. Let's wait and get some real info on all of these things before setting out to crown anyone.

I'm all for opinion pieces, but lets keep it in perspective and try not to be hypocrites in the comment section.
Hellsvacancy  +   1009d ago
I do understand what your saying, but come on, its the Xbox, its had two attempts at dominating already........and it kinda hasnt

The majority of gaming news is Sony related, always has been
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Jek_Porkins  +   1009d ago
I don't care if it's Xbox, Nintendo or Sony, what's good for one is good for the other. Hypocrisy isn't right no matter what, so if someone said "Let's wait and see" where the Xbox is concerned, and then said "PS4 gonna own!" in the same type of article, there is a problem.

Most gamer's don't care about dominating consoles, and I doubt that most gaming news is Sony related, especially since there are two other companies that do consoles, and loads more that do actual games.
B-radical  +   1009d ago
Hahah you expected microsoft to dominate after 2 consoles? :/ PS1 was a great machine for xbox to try to compete with an already popular consoles brand i give them kudos they havent sunk or anything good things to those who wait. Or not maybe ps4 will dominate but to expect xbox to fail because they have had 2 attempts is a terrible reason not to think it wont dominate.
slampunk  +   1008d ago

Ummmmm.....MS stole 50% of Sony's market share this gen and tripled it's hardware sales too?

They mean business and Sony knows it.

Announce first
better online features
bundled headset
cross chat
better controller....etc

All the above are things MS did this gen and i applaud Sony for rectifying the biggest criticisms from this gen and using it's rivals tried and tested tactics to their advantage this time around....

Totally agree with Jek_Porkins. Too early to call one dominating although what sony is offering is certainly a good start.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   1008d ago
A man doesn't think this article mentioned the pure logic side. If PS is beating Xbox with terrible architecture, being a year behind, and always being more expensive (almost twice as expensive early on) then how could their marketshare decrease when they're now dev friendly, on time, and much closer in price (possibly the same or less)? Also they have much more capable online now (and it'll only get better with PS4) along with a new marketing agency (always their weakest link).
SpinalRemains  +   1008d ago
Most are predicting it will dominate because it is the only console left which will focus solely on what matters to us the most. Games, core games, exclusive games, and games that push the envelope in terms of innovation. Sony does it the best.

Obviously microsoft gamers have accepted their payment to play online, and that fact is disgusting. SONY continually focusing on great games is what is going to return their brand to the dominant brand.

Nintendo has the younger market and the Mario/Zelda market, while microsoft has the American FPS market. SONY has everyone else and even that isnt exclusive. Most gamers love the Playstation brand. It is continually the only one which pushes progress in every nuance of gaming. Gaming. Not jumping in one's livingroom or playing shovelware.

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