5 Brutal Ways To Die In Horror Games

Bloody Disgusting lists five of the most brutal ways they've died in horror games, from the Dead Space 2 needle to the Resident Evil 6 meat grinder!

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Cam9771146d ago

Resident Evil 4 chainsaw man.

Silent Hill 1 fridge (or was it a cupboard with a monster in it?)


RankFTW1146d ago

The eye poke machine makes me cry.

titletownrelo1146d ago

lol, I was expecting ALL of these to be from dead space and the new tomb raider XD

Nivalis1145d ago

the immortal for gensis trumps all of these, its got like 40+

hadouken1821145d ago

Lol you cant lie the heavy rain part was hilarious! "Heh he. Heh heh hahahaha!"

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