Could GTA V be the Perfect Sandbox?

A look ahead to Rockstar's latest release and its potential to be the best ever.

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crimsonfox1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I starting playing "the ballad of gay Tony" last night after I finished "San Andreas" And I honestly feel GTA V is going to, If not pretty much perfect everything they have wanted to do with a sandbox game. I can't even imagine what the next GTA on next gen consoles might look like. R* has been and will continue to be the developers to push this genre further and further. If anyone is going to perferct it, It'll be R*.

Crazyglues1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Yeah of course, I mean if you just look at there progression and you can see they have stepped it up every time.

Red Dead Redemption is a great example, here is something they never did before, but created it for the game, being able to look far out into the distance and just go there.. with no loading..

It's not a set piece like the building in the background you can see but can never really get to, if you look out there and see something you can go there - No Pop up textures, or loading screen, just hoop on your horse and ride out there...

Some of the views in Red Dead Redemption were just breathe taking... Such an Awesome game..

They took graphics to a new level in that game, and then they take what they have learned and expand..

So this next GTA V -other sites that have seen the game in action have already talked about how you can see out into the distance and how huge it feels, I bet you they are using the same development tricks they learned from RDR to make the open world feel amazing.

Rockstar is known for improving on what they have already done well, GTA IV's DLC was all about little improvements to the shooting mechanics, driving, graphics - Loading..(all tweaked and touched up)

GTA V will be all of that taken to the next level.. things they learned from L.A. Noire things they perfected in Max Payne 3 which to me had some amazing shooting mechanics.. It's going to be the complete package..

I wish other game companies could be this good, like if the COD guys would say hey we did this really well now let's add to that instead of just copy and paste -insert new skins-.. (let's make what we did good better) That's why I love Rockstar

I think they are going to go hard on this one, GTA V is the franchise baby of the company, and I think the DLC is going to be Epic for this game.. -Just watch- I bet a 100 dollars it's going to be amazing.. GTA V will be amazing and the DLC they add to it, will be slightly improving things, because that's what they do..

-Just Watch, you'll see-(they will hit it out the park)

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crimsonfox1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Not just Red Dead Redemption either though. They obviously learned a lot from Max Payne too. Even though it's not R* North they seem to always share what ever they have going on from all their studios combined. I think it's great that they are keeping bullet time (Pretty much) for Michael because it's obvious they worked hard on that mechanic and watching things happen in slow-mo in GTA V must be a wonder to see in action.

They are also using a customization aaspect taken from Mid Night Club and pushing it further in that aspect too. They are amazing me with the RAGE engine they have been working with since the Table Tennis game too. This game truly might be "their baby" and might hold the crown to sandboxes for years to come. The new "San Andreas" in my book.

EDIT: And for the people disagreeing. Thanks for all your bad ass arguments and killer / Jaw dropping conversation.

brodychet1682d ago

This will be MY perfect sandbox game. It already is, and I haven't even touched it.

I just love GTA so much. Been playing since the first one.

karan71683d ago

i like how they took this game , adding so much new features...dogs , custom cars etc...if only they added snow this game would have been the ultimate max. But then again everything they have done so far is amazing cant wait.

crimsonfox1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

But it doesn't snow in Los Santos.
It would be cool if at the peaks of the mountains it snows though.

inmusicutrust1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

This is what I'm hoping for, some snowy peaks in the mountains. Just a square mile or so would b a blast. The leaked list of vehicles has a snowmobile and snow plow listed, dunno how legit that is.

FlyingFoxy1682d ago

They have never had snow in the games.. which seems really odd, it's not like it seems much harder to add in than adding rain.

Thatguy-3101682d ago

Let's not start hyping this game up because then it might fall flat like GTA IV did. From what we know(which isn't a lot) this installment seems to trounce the previous installment so I'm just curious to see how the gameplay plays out.

Tornadobounce1682d ago

It will be if.... You know when you've had enough of doing everything and you come to a stop and think to yourself, I'm over this. If there is something fun to do at that moment it will be. I'm thinking a can of spray paint or a portable in game video game. Being able to graffiti in free roam will make it for me.

S-T-F-U1682d ago

Does anybody else think It would be cool to do ride-by shootings? Like on a dog? How cool would it be to hop on Franklin's Rottweiler and go shooting up the neighborhood?

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