Did NetherRealm Studios Falsely Advertise Injustice's Season Pass?

Christopher Jones of Continue/End examines the fan backlash regarding the content of the season pass for Injustice: Gods Among Us to determine what, if any, merit there is to the argument of false advertising.

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Kalowest1843d ago

That's why I just get GOTY/Complete Editions.

Jonesy_8591843d ago

That's really the best way to go. Just wait a little longer and save.

yugovega1843d ago

if you do that then you aren't cool. wiiu got goty editions and they were called old ports. get it late and you're just behind and they aren't any good anymore/s said every xbot,playstation fanboy ever

yugovega1843d ago

no difference at all. a game with all the extra content on the disc released at a later date is a good thing rather it be on a new system or not.

xamtheking1843d ago

It's not Aliens: Colonial Marines-esque advertising

yugovega1843d ago

there wasn't anything wrong with aliens advertising. just like most movies they show in the trailers parts that will be left out in the final product.

aLucidMind1843d ago

Except for the fact that it actually was falsely advertised. Many movies are merely misleading, many games are merely misleading; but that does not mean those who flat out falsely advertise should be let off the hook.

maniacmayhem1843d ago

What is the point of the Season Pass if you don't get ALL of the DLC that will come for a game. The one NetherRealm offered was a huge rip off and it's a shame that a consumer would have to read the very fine print in order to catch what a rip off this season pass was.

ceedubya91843d ago

That's the part that bothered me. When I see a season pass, then I'm thinking that I'm paying for everything that will be released as DLC. I understand that upon buying this season pass, it tells you exactly what you are paying for, but in the past a season pass has usually meant that everything is coming your way and not just most of it.

maniacmayhem1843d ago

Exactly, I understand that a consumer should always read the fine print. But in this case where we are accustomed to getting all future DLC when purchasing a season pass seems to have become the norm with every other game. Why is it different for this game?

Why they would pull this stunt is beyond me. Was this the case for MK9?

It just smells of greed straight up.

Larry L1843d ago

I personally think you're being unfair, and in fact lying just a little bit. Because it doesn't tell you that it's only for characters "UPON BUYING IT", it tells you clearly BEFORE you buy it, you don't even have to click on the full description to see it's for characters only (on PSN, I don't know about on Live). So since you're lying about that little fact to try and make a point, you're being unfair, and for me, totally discrediting your opinion.

Now, I'm a HUGE fan of NetherRealm. They're in my personaly top 3 all-time developers (MK4 and MKSF are really their only games I thought were bad). And @maniac, yes MK9 was the same was $15 for 4 characters in a bundle or $5 a piece, it just wasn't called a "season pass" then, that buzz-word hadn't really started then.......and the only costume DLC for MK9 was the pre-order bonuses which they released as a paid DLC pack later. So it kinda was the same. It just sounds different now because of the label "season pass". And I was fine with the MK9 DLC pricing then.

BUT.....all that said, digital content offers have gotten better since then. Just 4 characters for $15 in a season pass for a fighting game seems very "thin" to me when costumes will be coming out at the same time. For $15 costumes should be included imo, and I hope NetherRealm decides to throw the costumes in with the season pass. At least until the 4 promised characters in the DLC come out. And stuff they make for the game after that, then OK, charge more.

It may boost some sales too. Especially when the main game drops in price a bit. I wanted the game, I'm just SO broke this year it sucks, can't afford much aside from my Plus account. But the more that's in the Season Pass, the more chances I'll buy it once I can afford the main game. Because aside from LOBO, none of the DLC characters have me that excited.

SnakeCQC1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

the game was a bit of a let down for me the gameplay staled out quite quickly but the story mode was nice. New characters wont really fix it and no one really exciting to me is coming

DTxx1843d ago

I brought the season pass. I feel conned not because it doesn't cover the skin packs I mean the season pass only cost 1200 maps. I feel conned because they couldn't be arsed to add in icons,portraits,backgrounds and a alt skin.

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