Watch Dogs creative director on PS4: “The strategies used by Sony are very smart”

OPM: During our recent trip to see Aiden Pearce’s open-world actioner, we got the chance to interview the game’s creative director Jonathan Morin, who talks about the PS4 version of Watch Dogs, GTA 5 and how Sony’s next-gen vision is closely tied to Ubisoft’s.

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stuna11776d ago

Reply from SONY ENTERTAINMENT INC.: In response to: SoldtoChrist: We love you too!

etowntwo1776d ago

Sony take a couple pages from Ms this gen and applied it to PS4.
Anyone that disagrees is in denial.

Good for Sony. Very smart.

FlameBaitGod1776d ago

Says the guy with one bubble, learn to write too. Sony *took* a couple *of*

Why o why1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

So glad sony didn't copy ms's game development strategy. Rinse and repeating 4 titles doesn't quite cut it.


MasterCornholio1776d ago

The PS4 will have a ton of 3rd party support because developers dont loath the system.

Im glad that Mark Cerny made some smart choices with the hardware in the system. Theres nothing worse than making a system thats difficult to make games for.