Watch Dogs - New Gameplay 'Free-Roaming' Footage

Enjoy some new gameplay footage from Watch Dogs, courtesy of Machinima

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Freak of Nature1839d ago

Sensory overload...

From the eye candy to the gameplay this is looking like something really special. A top tier most wanted game for me.

I like the idea of interlaced multi, and thus far the NPC's look smart enough, so far, so very good...

Yi-Long1838d ago

...however, it won't be a day 1 purchase for me, considering it's Ubisoft, and they've probably got a whole bunch of DLC lined up...

SolidStoner1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

this game looks like a great GTA replacement, but not forever, and this will never be better than GTA5.. we just cant play GTA every day, this is a great change for some time, looks fun, I saw there some GTA, Hitman and other game elements combined :) the only thing I didnt like is driving, it looked like a GTA3 game to be honest :) with sharp fast unrealistic car movements.... like an ubisoft game... lol

gedapeleda1838d ago

Car handling sucks...
Everything looks awesome, kinda realistic and then he gets into a car that drives like it's from another universe (sants row).

MYSTERIO3601839d ago

This looks awesome, November can't come any sooner

3-4-51839d ago

This is just going to be one of those games that you would have to try to hate I think.

It's a step in the right direction for open world gaming.

The next thing would be to expand their idea and allow all 3-4 million players to player their single player campaign together in the same 4-5 cities that would be the size of actual cities.

They are kind of doing it here but not everyone will be connected.

I'm talking like in real life we all live on this planet, but we are all going about our lives (single player experience) within the same planet.

I think that may be next next gen though.

That being said, this game looks like it could actually be GREAT.

GribbleGrunger1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I think this looks great. Perhaps not the leap some people would expect but that's largely due to the fact that most people tend to compare 5th generation gameplay and graphics with 1st generation gameplay and graphics on the new console. This is understandable of course and even I sometimes have to remind myself of that.

In terms of a leap from 1st gen games on the PS3 to 1st gen games on the PS4, it's a HUGE leap in overall quality. How does it compare to 5th gen games though? It doesn't come out unscathed, but you can see quite clearly that there are many improvements that warrant calling them 'noticeably' better.

So, yes, I think this game looks (and plays) next gen and whilst I know that 3rd generation games on the PS4 (and the Infinity for that matter) are going to BLOW YOUR MIND, I'm also confident that we are not going to be disappointed with the launch games.

Paul :)

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1839d ago

This is a cross gen game. Some of the footage from this video was obviously from the ps3 or 360 version. First gen ps4 and Infinity games WILL blow our minds.

AngelicIceDiamond1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

@Gribble The PS2 cross Xbox 360 games were not a big leap. In fact the The PS3 and Xbox 360 just looked like simple polished version of the PS2 version.

I'd say this is big transition leap, its gonna have to be.


Well, last gen the PS2 was the clear victor of that era.

Devs had no intention on abandoning the PS2 due to strong software sales they were gathering from the PS2.

It only makes sense that devs will combine the install bases of PS360. They both ended up even in sales.

expect cross gen games for an even longer time imo. The ps2 was the only worthy console to go toe to toe with this gen for a while.

I don't know how much different it'll be this time thanks to PS4's and supposed 720's PC architect.

GribbleGrunger1839d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond. Well said. Bubble.

brodychet1839d ago

Looks fresh and original. If only it came before GTA 5, because coming after... I don't think I'll have the time to pick this up too D:

Syntax-Error1838d ago

There is no 720. The system is called INFINITY with a play on the symbol being a sideways 8 (Windows 8). Calling it a 720 was coined by IGN and makes you look like sheep. Even the studio's project name was Durango, so calling it a 720 just showed your idiocy

teedogg801838d ago

They also say it may be called "Fusion".

vishmarx1838d ago

i dunno ubisoft made far cry 3 ...
best game last year and blood dragon dlc ,best since dark souls...
it was worth every penny

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TrevorPhillips1839d ago

Oh My God :O That looks absolutely amazing!!

Cannot wait to pick this up a long with GTA 5 :D

merciless1839d ago


^The exact shape I just made with my arms^

Septic1839d ago

This post is useless without pics

FITgamer1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

@septic are you blind? \O/ = hell yes!

Septic1839d ago

No I mean an actual pic!

Zhipp1839d ago

Your FACE is useless without pics.......

josephayal1839d ago

This game is going to be one of my first PS4 games

OpieWinston1839d ago

This is going to be one of my first GTX 690 games :D.

Zhipp1839d ago

Man I hope it doesn't demand that card for high performance. I'd be crushed. Heh.

gta28001839d ago

My PS4 games will
1.Infamous Second son
2.Killzone SF
3.Watch Dogs

But heck, if these will all be launch titles they won't be coming to my house day 1 in any particular order. I'm getting all!

ElitaStorm1838d ago

what about knack dude ? X_X

gta28001838d ago


I forgot about Knack, but that's definitely on the list! Sony's launch is gonna have me broke! lol.

FITgamer1839d ago

I've been saying same thing for few months, of course i want everything i've seen so far too, but this will definitely be the game that pops my PS4's cherry.

MasterCornholio1839d ago

Mobile app confirmed.

No need for a Wii U.

Realplaya1839d ago

You felt the need to throw the Wii U in here for?

TechnicianTed1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

He talks about Nintendo and the Wii U all the time. He downplays Nintendo at every opportunity, even when there's no need.

At least he hasn't told us what crappy phone he's using to post with though, that's good to see.