Road Redemption - Spiritual Successor To Road Rash - Gets Funded

DSOGaming writes: "DarkSeas Games announced that its Road Rash inspired Kickstarter Road Redemption has reached its funding goal of $160,000."

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Rivitur1865d ago

Great news hope it does well.

1OddWorld1865d ago

I hope they include a multi-player so that it can be a brutal mario kart style race game.

bumnut1865d ago

I think it will be, even the mega drive version had multiplayer

nirwanda1865d ago

I hope they make the controls semi realistic like moto gp on the xbox and stick with weapons that hit from the side.

Bigpappy1865d ago

good. I want it. Arcade controls all the way, with Mad air and oil spills and bike upgrades for move over the top jumps. Oh and really really fast.