Watch_Dogs Will Have Superior Wind & Water Simulation On PS4, DualShock 4 Touchpad Features Hinted

Dealspwn reports: "Though Ubisoft promises that the core Watch_Dogs gameplay experience will be identical regardless of platform, Ubisoft have revealed that the next-gen version will pack more than just prettier visuals. The simulation itself will be more realistic, allowing for advanced weather effects and fluid modelling."

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cl19831625d ago

Misleading title, should be Watch_Dogs Will Have Superior Wind & Water Simulation On PS4 over current generation.

KwietStorm1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I figured that was understood. The PC version will obviously have the highest ceiling as always, and there's nothing to compare it to, in regards to the next Xbox version.

shoddy1625d ago

Still ps4 version for me

KwietStorm1624d ago

Does anyone who disagreed with me want to explain exactly what you disagree with? There is nothing wrong with what I said.

trenso11624d ago

its not that there's anything wrong with what you said, it that you just had add in the PC comment, like there was no reason to add that jab at consoles

MaxXAttaxX1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Because your comment was unnecessary.
Did you feel better about your rig after typing that?

ChickeyCantor1624d ago

Just because KwietStorm mentions the PC doesn't mean he is taking a jab.

You guys are way to F'n sensitive over this.

"Because your comment was unnecessary. "
Boo-hoo, cry us a river. Most comments can be considered unnecessary and still you don't complain about those.

He was simply stating the obvious. You can't really compare the strengths of it with anything else until the next xbox comes out. Which sounds completely fair.

loulou1624d ago

but, if someone mentioned ps4 and best, they would have 100+ agrees

MaxXAttaxX1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Calm down. I was just answering his question.

The article talks about PS4 having superior physics compared to current gen. Not PS4 vs Nextbox or PC. The problem is people jumping to conclusions without reading.

Maybe if he hadn't phrased his comment like that of a typical PC fanboy(not that he is one) who likes to overstate the obvious and make redundant comments about how it's going to be better on PC than consoles on every article that mentions "graphics" and "consoles" together, then maybe people wouldn't disagree with him.

ChickeyCantor1623d ago

"Maybe if he hadn't phrased his comment like that of a typical PC fanboy"

Maybe if you stopped looking too deep into things and not give a crap, that would be nice.

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StraightPath1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

how much did Sony pay these developers?

it will be much better then the versions from this gen which is painfully obvious however the next Xbox and PS4 version will mostly likely be identical.

By saying it is the best version on PS4 they are going to lose a lot of customers even though it is a multiplatform release in reality.

kayoss1625d ago

Hey Who let the troll enter the Library to use the comptuer?

Thats because not a lot of info are available for the next xbox. We not even sure if Developers are allowed to talk about the next xbox. Plus you talk like Sony is the only company in the business of paying off developers to have an advantage for their product. Microsoft is notorious for stuff like this.

CEOSteveBallmer1625d ago

Using big boss's avatar and bashing sony. You sure are ironic dont' you? So Sony is the only one paying devs and microsoft does not??

NastyLeftHook01625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

i have a feeling this ps4will be the best console version bar none on consoles atleast. and with the exclusive content its the go to version.

Aceman181624d ago

hold on slim so its ok for nintendo to cut deal with capcom to keep monster hunter on their system for the forseeable future, and microsoft to make deals to get dlc earlier on their system, but now its wrong that these devs are saying this will be better on PS4 instead of current gen consoles just because they are praising the console?

double standard/hypocrite much?

MaxXAttaxX1624d ago

They didn't say the new Xbox would be identical. You're just assuming.

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SpideySpeakz1625d ago

Nice. Now I can get a PC experience on a next-gen console.

Mr Tretton1625d ago

I'm having flashbacks to the mid 2000's

r40k2131625d ago

Just no. You have to at least have a keyboard and mouse.

T21625d ago

I have a keyboard andmouse for my ps3 all it needs is support

LOL_WUT1625d ago

Keyboard and mouse takes away from the experience so no thanks ;)

matrixman921625d ago

my hands get cramped so bad from keyboard and mouse...i dont want to be in pain while playing games

CEOSteveBallmer1625d ago

Uhm I don't need a keyboard and mouse to play these types of games. Almost everyone I knew playing on a PC uses 3rd party "Controllers" that looks like an xbox 360 controller and some look like playstation controller. What he means is he will be able to play superior PC graphics in a console. Not saying its totally equal to PC graphics in terms of framerate and textures but its close.

MaxXAttaxX1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

unless you're only playing RTS or FPS games. That's why a lot of people use PS3/360 and other controllers to play on PC.

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Zhipp1625d ago

In other news, scientists have discovered that the earth is indeed round!

dangert121625d ago

This not true everyone knows the earth is flat!!! DELUSIONAL!!!
joking lol

Irishguy951625d ago

You know it's not actually round/

Just sayin'

MrDead1625d ago

The earth is not quite round it's a oblate spheroid.

Nevers0ft1625d ago

Fool, it's turtles all the way down!

N4G: Google it before you down-vote me as an idiot ;)

MrDead1625d ago

@ Nevers0ft

I only know of the turtle story because of QI


William James, the American psychologist and philosopher; brother, of course, of the novelist Henry James. He'd just, er, finished giving a lecture on the solar system, er, when he was approached by an elderly lady. "Mr James," she said, "we don't live on a ball rotating around the sun; we live on a crust of earth on the back of a giant turtle. James was a kindly man: "If your theory is correct, madam," he asked patiently, "what does this turtle stand on?" "The first turtle stands on the back of a second, far-larger turtle, of course," she snorted derisively. "But what does this second turtle stand on?" pressed the philosopher. "It's no use, Mr. James," crowed the old lady, triumphantly. "It's turtles all the way down."

Zhipp1624d ago

I knew I'd get replies like this!

MaxXAttaxX1624d ago

which is basically round. It doesn't have to be a perfect sphere.

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hardcorehippiez1625d ago

you forgot the four elephants lol . nice terry pratchett discworld reference though.

Zhipp1624d ago

I think that story might be where Terry Pratchett got his idea for the Discworld.

KillrateOmega1625d ago

No way! Next-gen consoles will have superior features and physics?!

Who would have thought...


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