GTAIV - New Mutliplayer Details

Rough translation since it came from a German magazine:

"The multiplayer mode
Two out of a total of seven modes implemented, we have already played: Death Match and mafia Work. The other Modie Rockstar Games will soon unveil. All are either man against man as well as team against his team played, with up to eight teams and a maximum of 16 players are allowed per ticket. We would be happy to Nikolaos as Roma or Brucie into Deathmatch.

As a character was just us but an unknown type, in which we look at something or gender could rasp-that's it. Of course, in the final game's a lot more people and clothes. In our sample game was the map on the left bottom edge of the picture with all kinds of (optional abschaltbaren) tipped symbols. We saw where the next rocket launcher or the next Uzi, can packs and Health Protection west Locate course, and see where team members and opponents right now. Impressive, that Liberty City in multiplayer mode none of its fascination loses."

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TriggerHappy3922d ago

The game of the forever...Nuff said.

decapitator3922d ago

This sounds good. Hope Rockstar will reveal more about the multiplayer officially. I dont wanna get hyped and then the official details wont be anywhere close.

BeaArthur3922d ago

haha, I mean yeah I appreciate the fact that it is translated so that we can get more information but you should be able to do a better job of translating it into English. I don't need it translated verbatim, I would rather have a synopses that I could understand.

atomic-radio3922d ago

why has the image been edited from the original

SUP3R3922d ago

Cuz it funny

BigKev453922d ago

Just great, this didn't tell us much here. Thanks for the no info.

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