Capcom's Bloody, Intestine-Filled Swimming Pool to Promote Resident Evil: Revelations

GR said, "Game promotion isn’t exactly "normal." We’ve seen EA stage a protest against its demonic Dante’s Inferno in the past, so it’s safe to say that there aren’t really solid sets of standards that publishers follow in order to make a quick buck. However, Capcom has decided to employ what might just be the most repulsive, bizarre strategy in order to push units of the upcoming console port of Resident Evil: Revelations."

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nolander641840d ago

This is something I'd expect from Japan... But the UK? C'mon, man.

SovereignSnaKe1840d ago

Hmm? Interesting, I thought of that scene in The Descent when Sarah falls into the blood-goop Pool. ~It was just red jello right? ;-)

jc485731840d ago

oh so that's why they are charging 50 dollars for this game. It's to cover their marketing cost.