The Power Of Call Of Duty

PS4-Deals says: "Whether many gamers out there like to believe it or not, the Call of Duty franchise continues to be an important pillar in any system’s catalogue. A notable sore spot for any console missing the famed shooter in its line-up. Despite having apparently peaked in popularity with Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3 in 2011, Black Ops 2 still managed to earn a flush one billion dollars in just fifteen days. Not bad for a series apparently on the turn."

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SonyPS41810d ago

In opinion, maybe, but in terms of sales and mainstream appeal, dream on.

GodsPerfectK7ng1810d ago

respawn entertainments new game will beat cod lol the old infinity ward crew knows about innovation with multiplayer wait and see people!!!

ceballos77mx1810d ago

While I particularly don't like this games they've helped put videogames as a more popular hobby and not something kids and nerds do.

But I think they also ruined this Gen as every publisher wants the popularity and specially the sales and tend to make their games to resemble them and hopefully get the fans. And also saleswise if a game doesn't do COD sales then its considered a failure.

Btw English is not my primary lenguage so bash my opinion not my grammar.

Hazmat131810d ago

well if they do go all out on a new engine then BF4 will have its run for its money. be all around at least they are upgrading the engine for COD.

KillrateOmega1810d ago

I just can't enjoy CoD like I used to. Quite frankly, 6 years of the same experience gets boring. Why people are STILL going nuts over it is beyond me.

There are other games out there...

NeXXXuS1810d ago

agreed. i'm hoping that people get tired of CoD and play other things for once. activision and treyarch recycle their games too much and people think it's all gaming genius when it's not.

KillrateOmega1810d ago

Exactly. So many other great games out there often end up being ignored because of and overshadowed by CoD.