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AOL 'Smash Bros.' Review - 'Six Minigames Just Aren't Enough toJustify A $40 Price Tag'

AOL 'Smash Bros.' Review - 'Six Minigames Just Aren't Enough toJustify A $40 Price Tag' (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii) 2/5

TriggerHappy  +   2663d ago
Another author just opened a can of worms with this review.
Doppy  +   2663d ago
If you read the article you'll see he gave SSBB 3 1/2 stars out of 4 which is 8.75/10. The Club go the 2 1/2 out of 4 6.25/10, and Ninja Reflex recieved 2 stars out of 4 5/10. Stop jumping to conclusions and read. Those of you who are complaning went straight to the bottom of the article and saw the Two star and if you look right above that you'll see Ninja Reflex. A little knowledge is a wonderful thing.
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PS360WII  +   2663d ago
superman  +   2663d ago
KeiZka  +   2663d ago
I'd like to clarify something... That info posted up there is wrong. It's in fact quite falsely written, since it's talking about ninja reflex, not SSBB.

"Even if you can round up any friends, "Brawl" has plenty to offer, including a decent solo adventure and the ability to enter matches online. In short, it's everything "Smash Bros." addicts have been waiting for, and it's absolutely essential for anyone who loves all things Nintendo. Three-and-a-half stars out of four.", straight from the web page. 3½ stars out of 4 stars.

Thus how did this ever get approved, since contributor didn't bother to read it thoroughly? It had 3 different reviews in one package, not one review.
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MK_Red  +   2663d ago
WTF!? How did this get approved? First, it's a series of reviews not just one. Second, the score is 3.5 out of 4!!!!

Seriously, WTF!?
I prefer MK and SF to Brawl but WTF?
davez82  +   2663d ago
bahaha this is ninja reflex review not ssbb, this is hilarious
Relcom  +   2663d ago
LKane  +   2663d ago
The article has 3 reviews. Everyone just zooms to the last sentence of the paragraph to see it's rating, and it says 2 stars. People, the last paragraph is a review of ninja reflex.
wiizy  +   2663d ago
its obvious that those clowns were not reviewing smash bros.. a mistake was made somewhere... .. maybe sony was paying aol, no wonder no one pays attention to aol no more
SteveZim1017  +   2662d ago
I agree, 2 outta 5 is the right score... for Ninja Reflex. I was seriously trying to figure out how SSB was 6 minigames after that headline (that and upset that it was only 40 bucks now).

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