Call Of Duty: Ghosts protagonists manifested in leaked images

The cast of heroes that will star in the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts shooter has apparently been leaked online through a series of photos that show five other characters besides the one that's on the game's cover.

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Swiggins1715d ago

One of them looks to be either wearing riot gear, or a juggernaut suit...interesting.

Though would it have killed them to include a Black or an Asian or a Latin team mate?

There's more than grizzled white dudes in the military you know....

Simon_Brezhnev1715d ago

It's hard to tell but i think the dude on the far right is black.

FunkMacNasty1715d ago

Im pretty sure the guy in the riot gear is a brotha... Sgt Griggs maybe, if the timeline is before the events of CoD 4?

Talamak1714d ago

Having only one character who isn't white makes no sense to me, why not a few more?...Honestly I'd like to know why there aren't more races represented "properly" in a lot of COD games...but anyways the guy on the far right is black bro

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r211715d ago

CoD: Masked dudes who will shoot non-stop

AzaziL1715d ago

This game gets more hype from slick promo images than it does from actual the actual game.

vork771714d ago

the promo made me think it was deadliest warriors game

Diffraction_Fos1715d ago

Really? I thought the concept of this game was just fanfic. Ghost was way overrated. But apparently he was so "awesome" in MW2 that they almost made a COD game focusing solely on the character before MW3? I thought they left it at that. Damn kids. Put a skull mask on a useless character and he's suddenly the best thing since sliced bread *rolleyes*.

Oh please, you could've put someone wearing a pokemon mask in his place and he'd still be a useless side character.He sounded like a rehashed character from MW1 - "Gaz" was it? Who gives a s**t about that guy? He was there. He died(in both games). The End.

DeadSpaced1715d ago

From what I understood, this has less to do with Ghost and more to do with a secret organization. But then again, all we have is rumors.

DK36541713d ago

that's what i heard as well.

Monkeysmarts1714d ago

Totally agree. I don't keep up with the COD community or whatever so I had no idea Ghost was as popular a character as he is. I played through MW2 and I remember him but it never crossed my mind that he was this great character. He barely has a role and the only thing that sets him apart from any other non-pertinent character is the mask he wore.

Kinda ridiculous, really. He really didn't do anything in the game but torture someone and die.

DasTier1715d ago

Damn, better get Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore in before this infestation becomes a major problem!

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The story is too old to be commented.