GTA 5: 9 things you need to know – all the info & details explained

OPM: Bamboozled by the tsunami of GTA 5 info out there? Well then kick back and relax as we cherry pick the 9 essential things you need to know about Grand Theft Auto 5. From the new combat options, the crew you train to rob banks and more we cover and explain it all.

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Lone_Man1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

You can switch characters on the fly best feature...i have something to experiment with this feature ...i wish it would be as same as my thought...

"You have to pay and train a crew" didnt knew that...

3-4-51960d ago

The whole planning and preparing and hiring a crew part is like something out of the movies and something I've wanted in a GTA game for a while.

I like they are adding strategy to the mix. It's what the series needed.

stloony1960d ago

What the hell man? I didn't bring an extra pair of undies to work today, you jerk!

...and it's all cold now too

Simco8761960d ago

Game is looking to be one wild ride.

saggysack791960d ago

well that is sick,cant wait

tigertron1960d ago

Oh man, I'm so going to betray my team when they've become too expensive to keep. Joker style.