Top 5 things CalmDownTom wants to see in Fallout 4

Here are the things that I believe should be in the Bethesda developed Fallout 4 – or in an Obsidian developed sequel to New Vegas, if it is released first. This list is my personal opinion and is not using any of the speculated information for the next Fallout release and only uses prior games as referenced materials.

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FRAKISTAN1682d ago

MODS on Consoles... NUFF SAID

Dark_Overlord1682d ago

Here's the top 5 I DONT want to see

1. Glitches
2. More Glitches
3. Game Breaking Glitches
4. Even More Glitches
5. Did I Mention Glitches?

Bethesda have some great ideas for their games, but whatever they release takes a crap load of patches to properly work, their QA department must be constantly high.

elhebbo161682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I never had a bethesda glitch that was game breaking. in skyrim it was mostly the flying mamoth or the backward flying dragon ( which i found hilarious). i dunno maybe I'm just used to bethesda's programming.

Oh_Yeah1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Run button, maybe some vehicles and vehicle combat (airplanes, ufo's, hover boards, motor cycles, 50s cars) :) , better physics, quick load times, dynamic weather ie big ol dust storms, tornadoes, acid rain, etc.

jamz41682d ago

No1 for me would be allowing to walk round the whole map again. hated traversing so many subways in 3 - just 1 big open area.
I'd ditch karma, who the hell knows you've been nicking shit when you haven't been caught?
Controlling companions via Vita or dual monitor would be pretty cool.
Also make your own towns and factions.