The Amazons Are Massive in Dragon's Crown

Hardcore Gamer: Atlus has cut the number of profiles they need to cover in half by introducing the ever massive female warrior we only know as the Amazon. And here you thought the Sorceress was the most skantaly clad.

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majiebeast1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Chun li's buttdive is in the game. Gonna be tough to choose a main character in this game.

fsfsxii1752d ago

Awesome, this game looks better with every trailer they show

zeroskie1752d ago

I skantaly some sort of pun now?

HarvesterOSarow1751d ago

I feel like I want to use the elf...but it's such a hard choice.

Toon_Link1751d ago

I was reading on ign that you can have multiple saves so you can simultaneously level different characters. Personally I think I'll start with a melee character since its suppose to be easier Then once I get the hang of things move to something like elf or sorceress.

I can't wait to get my hands on this game it really looks like a lot of fun.