Five Reveals That Would Bring the House Down on May 21st

The next generation of Xbox is coming, and when Microsoft step to the stage on May 21st to finally confirm what the Xbox 720/Infinity/Durango/Next (or whatever they finally call it) will consist of, there will be bombs aplenty dropping all over the show. We know that the company has promised to leave the gaming focus to their E3 presser next month, but it wouldn’t be a hardware reveal without some sort of gaming content, would it?

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level 3601656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Think Halo is the only one on that lists' that is worth noting.

I remember PGR4 was good during it's time with bikes and some good tracks but now isn't as and has been surpassed by Forza.. and I once loved to death the very first PGR on XBox.
Unless it's going to be totally overhauled to match Forza, am not sold.

Would be nice to see something *actually new to fit the "next-gen mantra".

Autodidactdystopia1656d ago


WE need it and want to be able to dynamically smash the car into a meatball.

that would cover me for like a year

minimur121656d ago

lol, rockband... dafuq?

Blackdeath_6631656d ago

really? you want a 9th halo game as if they haven't already milked the series enough.

RuleofOne343 1656d ago

I would take a halo milking cause at least his enemies are different & can be invented created seeing how he's in space most of the time on different planets . Now COD what country will it be fighting that it already hasn't fought, that milking will grow old,tiresome before a halo does. JMO

Kinger89381655d ago

Agree it ould be nice to see what it will look like but it not needed yet atleast

I hope they dont play it sfe like they did in halo 4

hazardman1656d ago

PGR is totally different from Forza. One being an arcade racer and the other more sim oriented. Also PGR4 is still great! Still finding some good lobbies online and Forza is always on point.

3-4-51656d ago

Project gotham is a joke. Kudos'''really? I have to drive a certain way ? Way to be limiting...over and over again.

PG racing is trash compared to Forza or GT.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1656d ago

Shenmue 3 and Killer Instinct would definitely sway me into getting the next Xbox. I think they will have something special in store from Rare. Either way I'll be getting the PS4 first since the games on Playstation consoles are more my kind of thing.

avengers19781656d ago

Killer instinct 3 will def peak my interest in the Xbox... One of my favorite games of all time. And I believe they just bought that licenses.... Plus with blu ray they could throw in hd remakes of 1 and 2

HarryMasonHerpderp1656d ago

Yes and they must have Rare working on something that we don't know about yet. A HD remake of the old games would be a brilliant idea.

hazardman1656d ago

Disagreed because this has nothing to do with PS4.

HarryMasonHerpderp1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Okay did you only read the second half of my comment? You disagreed because I said I would get an Xbox for Shenmue 3 and Killer Instinct but I'm buying a PS4 first? Ummmm okay then.
Can we not mention the PS4 in an Xbox article?
That's kind of immature.

Supermax1656d ago

Halo multiplayer 24 v24 or 32 v32 big maps big air land battles.

Jek_Porkins1656d ago

I think if they show the actual console people will go nuts, of course you'll get people who will claim to not like the design, but that's going to happen anyway.

I want to see the console, for me that would be huge. I don't expect a ton of secret games to be shown, Microsoft will want to save the big news for E3.

hazardman1656d ago

I think we will get to see new Xbox on the 21st. The only reason I say this because they say E3 will be more about the games lineup and features. IDK but at least we will be finding out shortly. I expect some great things from MS.

B_Rian891656d ago

daft punk is also releasing an album on May 21 and its my birthday :D

wirapuru1655d ago

consider most reading your comment, and then look at your own avatar. /OT

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