5 Upcoming Video Game Movies To Be Worried About

Movies turned into games isn't a thing that's going away anytime soon. Here's five to keep an eye on.

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GT671776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

are they serious??? another Tomb Raider movie, now Assassin Creed movie, Angry Birds. haaaaaaaa who would waste money seeing those games turn into movies always end-up craptastic.

raiden-491776d ago

Sadly angry birds has its own show....

DivineAssault 1776d ago

I liked the 1st MK movie a bit but the 2nd was horrible lol.. I tolerated it when i was younger & didnt know any better but now its a face palm movie.. If a new one is in the works, ill check it out for old times sake but dont have high intentions for it..

KrimsonKody1776d ago

From the videos shown throughout the web of Mortal Kombat, it looks like it will be a decent to good remake.
I'm not sure if those videos are fan-created or snippets of the real thing, but of the game/movies on the list, MK probably has the highest potential.

Mikefizzled1776d ago

What about the Uncharted, Mass Effect, and Gears of War movies that are supposedly either happening or in the planning stages?

sullivansmith1776d ago

All of those would make for a good second follow up article

Mikefizzled1776d ago

For that then you can also have Dead Space film suggested by John Carpenter and the infamous Halo film that never really happened.

FluffyPloo1776d ago

I imagine if they actually stuck to the source material and not borrowed elements, movies based on games could be good, non do, and they usually end up being poop.
I did enjoy the 1st silent hill mind..